LivePerson One

Exclusive customer innovation and strategy

With LivePerson One, your team of cross-functional LivePerson experts will be dedicated to understanding the challenges of your industry, optimizing your current program, uncovering new use cases, and giving you the tools to bring new ideas to life.

Your success is our purpose

Unlock the full value of LivePerson’s products and services. From co-innovation and strategic guidance to operational excellence and high-touch incident resolution—your LivePerson One team is specifically designed to ensure your success.

Key membership benefits

Executive insight

Members will have access to executive leaders who will advise on best practices, contribute to brainstorms, and protect your team’s bandwidth so your work is prioritized.

Direct communication

For the first time, you’ll have a direct line of communication with experts in strategy, engineering, product, and more – all in a dedicated communication channel.

Top-tier support

Members can expect faster, more robust support through their team of experts. Whether you’re troubleshooting or have a big idea, they’re just a message away.


You bring your ideas, we’ll bring ours. Our goal is to see our members making headlines as they transform industries with first-of-their-kind AI-powered consumer experiences.

Strategic partnership

Your team is not only expert in Conversational AI – they’re specialized in your vertical. Plus, you’ll have access to SVP-level strategic accounts leaders to map out your innovation strategy.

Network enrichment

Members will be invited into conversations with peers and industry experts on the most cutting-edge topics in AI, like generative AI, new science models, and more.

LivePerson One gives you direct access to a cross-functional team of experts

Programs to be made available to our members

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Level up your commitment to responsible AI with exclusive access to EqualAI’s esteemed AI governance programs.

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