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Learn MoreAI Labs: Explore the potential of gen AI with LivePerson + Deloitte Digital

Design, test, and safely deploy generative AI in just 8 weeks with LivePerson and Deloitte Digital’s AI Labs program.

[When it comes to generative AI], we’re not interested in tech for tech’s sake; but how do we drive new customer outcomes safely and responsibly? That’s where we partnered with Deloitte Digital and LivePerson.”

~ Major telecommunications provider

What you’ll learn about this partnership

Better together

Leave with a comprehensive understanding of how Deloitte Digital and LivePerson provide a safe, effective, and fast environment for testing AI tools.

From abstract to action

Understand how current and future LivePerson customers can leverage the partnership with Deloitte Digital to pilot AI tools before committing them to your larger organization.

The pathway to success

Learn how the LivePerson and Deloitte Digital teams work with you to identify goals and gaps, prioritize tests for optimal impact, and get you results and learnings within 8 weeks from launch.