A customer engagement strategy templateGet the playbook for digital customer conversations

You’ve recognized the need for AI in a successful customer engagement strategy; now it’s time to implement it effectively across your digital customer conversations. We’ve got the comprehensive playbook you need, guiding you through the integration of AI in your conversations from strategy to launch, measurement, and back again. Start your journey toward seamless, AI-powered customer engagement.

cover of the ai-powered customer engagement strategy template to help implement conversational ai

Transform your operations and customer engagement strategies with LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud®

It’s not just about using new tech; it’s a transformation throughout the customer journey that requires a new way of thinking, collaborating, and integrating across your organization. Whether you want to automate routine customer interactions, personalize customer experiences, or enhance employee collaboration, conversational AI plays a pivotal role in transforming the way you connect and operate. Our playbook shows you how to use AI for engaging customers while cutting costs, driving revenue, and creating a customer experience within your digital customer conversations that drives customer loyalty.

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In the playbook, you’ll find 5 steps to operationalize your plan

Get to know the Conversational Flywheel™

Learn about the Conversational Flywheel, a strategic framework that will power a successful AI implementation for improved customer engagement goals.

Laying the foundation

Prepare key department leaders to go conversational and understand the ideal operating model to realize your new digital customer conversation engagement strategy.


Learn key performance indicators to watch, including what to consider when measuring chatbot success.

Innovating with conversational intelligence

See how our generative AI tools can drive added efficiencies by assisting agents, streamlining customer data analyses, and more.

Scaling it all

Discover tools that support and grow a solid customer engagement strategy with conversational AI, helping augment agents, improve customer engagement, and increase customer satisfaction.

Unlock our playbook and start your journey with conversational AI that’s anything but artificial

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