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AI system safety checklistWhat every enterprise needs to know about AI safety

Advanced AI technology unlocks a world of opportunities, but it’s not without its challenges. From unintentional biases to potential security concerns, the risks are real. Use this checklist to guide your brand in building an AI strategy that’s both effective and responsible, steering clear of common pitfalls.

illustration of buildings on a shield generated by artificial intelligence for the topic of empirical AI safety research

Avoid AI risks with safety research

Is your AI equal?

Discover the critical questions your AI researchers should be asking to actively identify and neutralize biases. Risks from AI aren’t just technical; they can have real-world consequences, like unjustly rejecting applicants based on gender or ethnicity. Make sure your AI is as fair as it is intelligent.

Is your AI enterprise-ready?

AI research shouldn’t focus just on ethical considerations; it should also consider security and compliance. Dive into the must-knows of privacy laws, tackle key security challenges, and ensure your AI is built to withstand the unexpected with technical AI safety research. Your AI should be as resilient as your business.

Is your AI for everyone?

The benefits of advanced AI should be accessible to all. Explore the key questions your team should address to ensure equitable access to your current and future AI systems, promoting fairness and inclusivity. This doesn’t just level the playing field; it enhances your brand’s reputation and opens doors to new market opportunities.

Accessible AI alignment and responsibility are ongoing commitments, blending technical research, machine learning, and sound governance. Keep your initiatives on point — download our AI safety checklist today.