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A digital transformation playbookBuilding a conversational business strategy

73% of consumers say they are more critical of how businesses interact with them than a year ago. That’s why a smart digital business strategy puts conversations at the core of your CX. Our digital transformation playbook will show you how to unlock real-time insights, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction from your customer conversations.

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cover of digital transformation playbook shows conversational AI applications at work in a messaging conversation

Conversations + conversational AI tools = competitive advantage

“We’ve set out to be more mobile, more personal, and intentional in how our customers connect with us. And the result is that customers convert at a higher rate, and are happiest with their experience in the mobile channel.”

~ Simon Perrin, Head of Sales at Virgin Mobile

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what you’ll learn

Explore how to combine artificial intelligence and human conversation for the best digital strategy

Streamline operational costs

Conversations are full of operational insight throughout the customer journey. Learn how conversational AI technologies can help analyze those interactions and find ways to reduce costs, optimize operations, and proactively improve the customer experience.

Assist agents in the digital transformation

Empower human agents to support customers more efficiently than ever before, no matter how they connect with your business. When your agents feel supported, conversation duration is reduced, agent response time is faster, and customer satisfaction grows.

Walk through a step-by-step example

From investigating intents to implementing proactive digital marketing and using conversational AI technology and automation, see how going conversational can be integrated across a business to great effect.

part of a page to show how the digital transformation playbook maps out customer intents to automate with natural language understanding

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Unlock the most common customer intents

LivePerson powers more than 10 million interactions each year for global companies. Find out why and how you can leverage our conversational AI technologies and digital strategies to help transform your business.

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