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Forrester Report

The Conversation Intelligence for Customer Service Landscape, Q2 2023

Forrester, a leading global research and advisory firm, recognized LivePerson in their 2023 report that overviews conversation intelligence platforms and what customer service leaders should look for when choosing a vendor. Download now to learn the top use cases and what to watch in this space.

Cover of the Forrester report on the conversation intelligence software landscape

Do you have what you need in your conversation intelligence platform?

“Enterprises are using conversation intelligence platforms to capture insights that will drive business improvements both within the contact center and beyond,” states Forrester in the report.

From sales conversations to support, artificial intelligence can use natural language processing on customer interactions to identify what is driving complaints, influencing conversions, and where improvements can be made. And that can — and should — inform agent training, product enhancements, and the entire customer experience journey.

Download the guide to learn how notable vendors like LivePerson can help.

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Valuable insights from the report

Top disruptor in the market

Discover how vendors can use large language models to drive more value (hint: domain-specific models are key).

Core use cases

Learn what Forrester considers the top use cases for analyzing customer conversations across industries.

Notable vendors’ extended use case focus areas

See the top three self-selected extended use cases for which customers select LivePerson and other vendors’ products.