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CONVERSATIONAL FLYWHEEL™Understand your customers with conversation intelligence

Conversation data is the key to smart AI investment — and shifting to a digital-first customer experience. Conversation intelligence makes it easy to get true omnichannel visibility into your voice and messaging data across the entire conversational journey.

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Understand stage of the Conversational Flywheel, representing the need for a conversation intelligence platform

Bridge the AI gap: Why conversation intelligence data matters


of conversations can be analyzed to capture insights vs. 3% using traditional methods


of sales leaders believe it’s important to upsell using recommendations from within conversations


of business leaders believe it’s important to turn conversation insights into next steps and improvements

Understand first. Then take action.

Conversation intelligence software helps CX leaders, sales teams, and business analysts surface the most common customer intents, uncover costly inefficiencies, and easily pinpoint revenue-generating opportunities. 

screenshot of Intent Manager, part of LivePerson's conversation intelligence software

Intent Manager

Detect intents to inform critical business decisions

Identify and understand consumer intents — the actual words customers are using to request an action — to build automation, enhance the customer experience, and improve operations across the entire organization.

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screenshots of 4 dashboards from our conversation intelligence platform analyzing customer interactions, sales calls, and more

Conversation intelligence tools

Get conversation insights at scale with AI-powered analytics

Our suite of tools powered by artificial intelligence will help you discover, measure, and act upon your conversation data. Harness real customer service and sales conversations across phone calls, email, in-app messaging, and texts to uncover meaningful insights.

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Conversational Cloud screenshot, showing how our conversation intelligence software works in concert with the agent workspace

Conversational Cloud®

Put your conversation data to work

Set the flywheel in motion and improve your conversation journey with LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud, our conversational AI platform. Connect with customers, assist your agents, and automate for the future with the enterprise leader in digital customer conversations.

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What’s hiding in your conversation data?

3 graphs, show how companies can use conversation intelligence platforms to analyze conversations, intents, customer experience and more.

Propel the Conversational Flywheel forward


Engage with customers on the channels of their choice.


Improve efficiency by empowering agents with AI.


Turn your conversation intelligence data into actionable insights.

Analyze customer conversations at scale

Ready to better understand your customers?