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Guide to digital transformation & telecom chatbotsBuilding a conversational strategy for telecom companies

We analyzed millions of anonymized telecommunication industry conversations and found that the majority can be automated with the help of an AI-powered telecom chatbot. Download our guide to discover the actionable insights that can be found in customer conversations and how to automate and scale those interactions to improve services.

telecom chatbot builder drag-and-drop interface, working on creating dialogs for service packages

Building a world-class AI-powered telecom chatbot

AI-powered chatbots have proven to significantly reduce customer care costs and improve customer satisfaction. But rolling out an automated telecom customer support solution across messaging apps can sound like a daunting task. How and where to get started safely are fundamental questions you have to answer when building a conversational AI plan and strategy in the telecommunications sector.

Example graph of the customer interactions that can be automated within a telecom domain

Uncover the top 10 conversation topics for a telecom business

LivePerson powers more than 10 million customer interactions that occur between consumers and the world’s biggest telecom companies. Our guide outlines the top 10 reasons new and existing customers reach out, so you know which parts of the customer experience to automate first.

Cover of the guide to conversational AI and chatbots in the telecom industry

Your guide to telecom chatbots and digital transformation

LivePeron’s telecom clients automate 70% of their interactions, 20% more than the industry average. It’s not surprising when you consider the benefits, from streamlining costs to personalizing offers and managing customer data securely without sacrificing customer experience. Download our guide to dig into the most common digital transformation use cases and how to use them as starting points for building a telecom chatbot and other world-class AI-powered tools.

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