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Harnessing generative AI for the enterprise: Results, relationships, and responsibility

Join LivePerson’s Chief Scientist, Joe Bradley, and our guest, Forrester AI Analyst, Rowan Curran, to learn how generative AI can increase customer satisfaction — and your bottom line — safely and effectively.

Original Broadcast Date: October 12, 2023
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illustration of AI safety for enterprises with buildings drawn in a shield

You’ve already heard about generative AI’s endless opportunities, but is it actually safe for brands to use? Do enterprises really need a layer between them and foundational large language models? And what are the major challenges and opportunities in big industries like retail, travel, and banking?

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Join us to discuss AI safety and successes for your brand, including how to:

Safeguard conversations

Safeguard your AI interactions and protect customer data.

Understand and anticipate

Harness generative AI to understand and anticipate customer needs.

Optimize and drive growth

Optimize operations and marketing strategies with AI, boosting your bottom line and driving revenue growth.

Meet the hosts

Rowan Curran

Guest Speaker and AI Analyst, Forrester

Joe Bradley

Joe Bradley

Chief Scientist, LivePerson

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Join LivePerson in conversation with guest Forrester on how enterprises can make the best use of generative AI.