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Common sense makes business sense: How conversational AI made banking better

Clients don’t want to connect on bank time; they want businesses to be available on their time — 24/7. Capitec saw the cents in that and pioneered the mindset shift to asynchronous messaging in South Africa.

Original Broadcast Date: December 12, 2023
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Cover image illustrating how Capitec had the business sense to use customer service AI tools

The future of banking is here

Explore how Capitec used messaging as a roadmap to create an exceptional customer service experience, resulting in happier customer service teams and a healthier bottom line.

Learn how Capitec turned customer data into action in 4 key areas

Getting closer to clients

Discover how Capitec used Proactive Messaging to align to clients’ lifestyles.

Finding out what clients are really saying

Customer data is like gold in finance. See how that invaluable data can be used to build a client-centric AI roadmap for customer support requests and more.

Transforming business from operational burden to efficiency

Hear how adopting a 24/7 service operating model also helped enrich customer service agents’ lives with new career paths like bot tester and bot engineer.

Becoming a hero for clients every day

Clients rarely test you in good times. They test you when the stuff hits the fan. Hear how meeting customers in their preferred digital channels can impact customer satisfaction and even change lives.

Meet the hosts

Carlos Moodley

Conversational Banking Leader


Chris Radanovic headshot

Chris Radanovic

Conversational AI Expert


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