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On-demand Webinar

How to build a seamless Conversational Shopping experience

Join this webinar to see how Conversational Commerce solutions can be deployed across your brand, from promotion to purchase.

Original Broadcast Date: July 14, 2022
woman purchasing via conversational commerce platform
conversational shopping example, from facebook ad to messenger conversation

Meet consumer demand throughout the sales funnel with AI-powered messaging

Research shows that $290B of consumer purchases will be processed by chatbots working across messaging apps. And we’re going to show you how you can build an AI-powered Conversational Shopping flow to help capture this demand and increase your CSAT and Average Order Value. Watch and learn how to…

Boost ad conversions with social ads that drive to instant messaging conversations (like Facebook and WhatsApp).

Personalize the resulting shopping experience with AI and automation, including a tour of LivePerson’s Intent Manager.

Make purchasing seamless by linking to your eCommerce or Payment Processing system, so it can happen within the same conversation.

Walk through it all with LivePerson experts who specialize in architecting Conversational Commerce solutions for brands

Kevin Rasachak headshot

Kevin Rasachak

Sr. Sales Consultant, LivePerson

Steve Evans headshot

Steve Evans

Director of Strategic Sales Consulting, LivePerson