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What enterprises need to know about Generative AI technology

We’re decoding the challenges and opportunities for enterprises eager to use Generative AI technology. Cut through the hype and learn what’s really important for your business to drive responsible, effective business outcomes.

Original Broadcast: February 23, 2023
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robot hand + human hand, illustrating Generative AI technology and its complex machine learning models

The realities of bringing Generative AI into conversations between customers and enterprises

Generative AI is a form of machine learning that allows computers to create a variety of new content like never before, from images to poetry, a list of pros and cons, and new product designs. It expedites and optimizes the business and creative process by not having to start with a blank page or canvas. With this cutting-edge technology trend, businesses can drive efficiency and effectiveness in new ways. However, while generative models are exciting, they also pose safety, security, and ethics challenges, especially in regulated industries.

Learn how you can unlock the power of Generative AI technology and Large Language Models (LLMs), while mitigating some of the risks.

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AI experts will walk through…

The benefits of brand- and domain-specific data to generate accuracy with large language models

The role of humans in the loop (hint: experts are more important than ever before!)

How to combat bias in Generative AI: the checks and balances you can introduce in your business

Meet the AI leaders

Joe Bradley

Joe Bradley

LivePerson – Chief Scientist

Miriam Vogel

EqualAI – President

Ruth Zive headshot

Ruth Zive

LivePerson – CMO and Webinar Host

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