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How to win the holiday ecommerce season with Conversational AI

Prepare for holiday online shopping trends and boost ecommerce with AI-powered web and mobile messaging.

Original Broadcast Date: August 26, 2020
holiday ecommerce example of woman buying earrings from home

Are you ready for the holiday ecommerce rush?

With online shopping at an all-time high and brick & mortar revenue depressed, this holiday season portends a make-or-break moment for ecommerce. Fortunately, advances in automation and AI mean brands can give customers a high-touch holiday online shopping experience similar to what they expect from stores. And with a 41% increase in the use of chatbots on websites during COVID-19, we know that customers are more open to — and experienced with — this type of communication than ever before.

holiday ecommerce with man on phone

Integrating conversational touchpoints in 30 days

With a straightforward approach to web and mobile messaging you can swiftly create streamlined, personalized digital buying journeys that will scale to the coming holiday ecommerce rush. 

Need help selecting a holiday dress? Have questions about our return policy? Looking for the matching bottoms? Need assistance finding a gift?

Quickly and seamlessly satisfy your customers’ intents through conversations. We’ll show you how, along with sharing how leading brands are achieving new revenue and efficiency gains with Conversational AI:

4x conversion rate

1.75x increase in average order value with messaging-assisted sales

50% reduction in cost per interaction

Meet the LivePerson experts ready to help you win in holiday ecommerce

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Nirali Amin

Senior Director of Enterprise Solutions


Dhoreena Ventura

Senior Product Marketing Manager