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Customer experience transformation: How Virgin Atlantic improved care

Learn how this brand used business messaging to reduce calls and modernize the customer experience.

Original Broadcast Date: February 20, 2020
airplane seats glowing, indicating customer experience transformation
woman in airport happy after a customer experience transformation

Going conversational with messaging

Airlines are shifting away from voice calls to reap the customer experience benefits of business messaging. Learn how Virgin Atlantic is going conversational on channels like SMS, WhatsApp, and Apple Business Chat.

woman messaging a brand as part of their customer experience transformation

Virgin Atlantic’s road to 40% digital interactions

Learn about new capabilities to shift calls to messaging leveraged by Virgin Atlantic and others as part of their customer experience transformation, including how to:

• Deflect incoming calls to messaging

• Implement and measure conversational programs

• Promote messaging to customers

• Orchestrate digital customer journeys

• Deploy bots and automation to scale capacity

Meet the experts and clients that will share how airlines can experience a customer experience transformation with messaging

Michael Johnson

Change Manager

Virgin Atlantic

Alan Ranger

VP Global Market Development


Brian Donnelly headshot

Brian Donnelly

Marketing Director