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Explore new patient experience trends

Join us to see how patients can digitally engage with their healthcare providers, boosting efficiency and satisfaction.

Original Broadcast Date: August 17, 2022
Example of patient experience trends: Healthcare provider sending proactive reminder
Healthcare professionals sharing how to prepare for appointments via messaging

Building a positive patient experience with convenient conversations

Join Paul Woody, a Solutions Consultant at LivePerson, as he demonstrates why the use of digital engagement with healthcare organizations and professionals is one of the key patient experience trends to watch. From appointment scheduling to post-care activity questions and advice, learn how engagement can take place in a manner consistent with what the patient is most comfortable with — while becoming more scalable and efficient for the healthcare provider.

Walk through it all with LivePerson experts who specialize in architecting digital efficiencies for health systems that improve patient outcomes

Appointment scheduling

Learn how patients can schedule and get proactive reminders to help lower the cost of missed appointments.

Personalized post-care

Create and share follow-up care instructions specific to your patients and their needs, with easy ways to ask questions and get answers.


Extend the convenient patient experience to payments, allowing bill pay through the same messaging conversation, along with EOB and co-pay visibility.

Meet the experts

Paul Woody headshot

Paul Woody

Solutions Consultant, LivePerson

Steve Evans headshot

Steve Evans

Director of Strategic Sales Consulting, LivePerson