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on-demand webinar

The power of Conversational AI

Watch this insightful on-demand webinar to learn how to increase upsell and conversions, boost customer satisfaction, and provide an engaging customer experience.

Original Broadcast Date: May 11, 2022
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retail chatbot providing an ecommerce customer experience

Reimagine your customer experience with Conversational AI

A customer’s experience with a brand starts at the moment of discovery. Every interaction and touchpoint influences their overall perception of a brand. Conversational AI and Proactive Messaging are innovative tools designed to keep your customers engaged and satisfied throughout their entire customer journey.

Hear from LivePerson experts in a live demonstration

Taking the virtual stage, we have Con Cotronis, an AI specialist with extensive consulting experience delivering AI-driven solutions for clients across many industries. Passionate about all things related to futuristic technology, Con has worked with Australian crypto exchanges to improve the experience of onboarding and the delivery of IT support to existing customers via messaging. Joining him is Terence Thambi Rajah, who is actively involved in the Commerce domain, also supporting customers across all industries in the APAC region. Having spent many years in product development and delivery, he is particularly passionate about sharing and demonstrating how brands can have a deep and meaningful conversation with customers on their preferred social channels.

Together, they will take you on a journey though…

The customer experience

See the art of the possible through the eyes of the customer.

The agent experience

Take a look at the Conversational Cloud agent workspace and proactive user interface.

Automation, AI and intent data

Learn how to make the agent’s life easier by building CX at scale.

Meet the speakers

Terence Thambi headshot

Terence Thambi Rajah

Commerce Consultant, LivePerson

Con Cotronis headshot

Con Cotronis

Solutions Consultant, LivePerson