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Partnership Migration

Migrating to CDK Roadster for managed digital retailing messaging

Although the Connect platform you’re used to is going away, LivePerson is excited to provide messaging through our partnership with CDK Roadster and their Express Store digital retailing and dealer messaging solution. With this partnership migration to Express Store Live™, Roadster’s trained automotive reps will answer questions and guide shoppers throughout your website and the buying process.

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dealer handing buyer the car keys above the Roadster and LivePerson logos

What is Roadster’s Express Store Live™?

Watch the video to learn more about this new partner, and the benefits they provide.

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What makes Roadster the best LivePerson messaging partner

People trained in the industry and engagement

Roadster’s in-house automotive experts have an average of 4 years of experience, and they know the ins and outs of Express Store digital retailing. Unlike chat providers who focus on bots to secure leads, this Express Store Live™ managed messaging team provides detailed answers to questions to guide shoppers deeper down the purchase funnel. And it works: shoppers who interact here are 3x more likely to complete deal-making activities.

Platform designed to complement digital retailing

LivePerson powers the Express Store Live™ messaging solution, which is designed to work seamlessly with Roadster’s digital retailing Express Store. Their in-house experts will leverage your full set of Express Store features to help customers find inventory, arrive at transactional pricing, build car deals, and complete the checkout process.

Performance that speaks for itself

When the Express Store Live™ team answer car buyers’ questions, those buyers are 2.5x more likely to submit a lead in your Express Store and 3x more likely to complete a credit application. And best of all? They place vehicle orders over 3x more than customers who don’t message.

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Liveperson Automotive Migration

CDK Roadster enrollment form

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Migration and LivePerson Automotive FAQs

Migrate now

Approximately 2-3 business days upon submission to the above form.

Upon your enrollment to the provider (Roadster, in this case), training videos and collateral will be provided to you.

Prior to your migration, you can reach out with any questions to For your actual migration and afterwards, you will work directly with the provider you’re enrolling with, who LivePerson supports at a program level.

Not only will you have access to an industry-leading digital retailing tool, you will also get the ability to deploy and manage messaging conversations across web (desktop/mobile), SMS, Facebook Messenger and Google Business Messaging.

You will have until October 31, 2022 . Following this date, you will not have access to the LivePerson Automotive portal or Connect platform.

We advise that prior to October 31, 2022, you access the LivePerson Automotive portal and pull all reporting you need for historical purposes. This will not be accessible without creating a ticket through support, a process that will have 2-3 week lead times.

If you choose to migrate with one of our partners, we will automatically cancel your LivePerson Automotive contract. Should you not submit a cancellation to the email address (, LivePerson will cease all billing effective November 30, 2022.