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LIVEPERSON History27+ years of LivePerson AI innovation

Follow LivePerson’s AI evolution, building a legacy of developing cutting-edge technology from data-driven insights to create impactful customer connections and better business outcomes for enterprises.

Where the LivePerson AI journey started

AI innovation example: Artificial intelligence chatbot helping a customer upgrade their plan via messaging

Chapter 1

Building a conversational foundation

LivePerson revolutionized online communication with web chat and asynchronous messaging, amassing a powerful cross-vertical conversational data collection. By optimizing agent interactions and harnessing customer data, we set the stage for groundbreaking AI advances, offering tailored solutions fit for any industry.

Analytics dashboards that incorporate artificial intelligence into its metrics

Chapter 2

Scaling and learning with AI analytics

Recognizing the potential of robust conversational data, LivePerson harnessed analytics and machine learning to revolutionize the way brands understand their customers. By analyzing conversations and incorporating AI technology like Meaningful Automated Conversation Scores (MACS), this innovative approach ensured that businesses were better equipped to deliver personalized, reliable experiences at scale.

Artificial intelligence innovation example: AI recommending responses based on customers' intent

Chapter 3

Introducing enterprise Conversational AI

LivePerson’s 2016 launch of LiveEngage (later renamed Conversational Cloud) revolutionized the conversational AI landscape. With a commitment to enterprise standards and responsible AI development, the new platform introduced innovative features like real-time sentiment analysis, bot studio, and agent assist to elevate customer experiences.

AI chatbot powered by generative ai systems helps traveler switch to later flight

Chapter 4

Shaping the future with advanced AI solutions

For the past several years, LivePerson has continuously improved AI capabilities by blending strategic acquisitions with in-house developments in natural language processing and understanding and large language models — NLP, NLU, and LLMs, respectively. This approach helped build a strong conversational design framework and unlocked AI’s potential in transforming conversational commerce.

The path ahead: LivePerson Generative AI for enterprises

Generative AI is reshaping the way enterprises connect with customers, and LivePerson is leading the charge with innovative AI solutions that drive meaningful business outcomes.

Explore our latest AI advances

AI innovation timeline


LivePerson transforms the web by inventing web chat.


Proactive web chat evolves, allowing brands to target customer behaviors through a rule-based system.

April 2012

Acquires NuConomy, a web analytics and optimization platform.

May 2012

Acquires Amadesa, making its first foray into machine learning.


In-house engineers evolve the platform’s Predictive Intelligence Targeting.


Mobile messaging capabilities evolve.


A new platform launches, officially moving into Conversational AI

Learn more about Conversational AI


Acquires BotCentral and Conversable, extending the reach of its AI capabilities.


Launches Intent Manager, elevating LivePerson’s NLU capabilities.


Acquires e-bot7, a robust Conversational AI platform, and VoiceBase, venturing into the voice analytics space.


Launches a new grade of AI applications that add safety and equality to generative AI capabilities and Voice AI solutions.

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