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The future requires an AI mindset: How to upskill for this economy

Marco Ambrosio

June 01, 20213 minutes

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) aren’t just for technologists anymore. They permeate our personal and professional lives regardless whether you are an accountant, teacher, designer, or stay-at-home parent. From the products you are recommended to what person you should go on a date with, there are big implications.

What is a LivePerson AI Native

Thriving in this world of artificial intelligence requires a shift to an AI mindset, one that:

  • Uses an AI filter or lens to apply to your world
  • Cuts through the hype so you have the confidence to continuously learn
  • Identifies and qualifies opportunities to apply AI and automation

We call the people who have made this shift, “LivePerson AI Natives.” We believe this AI mindset is so important that all LivePersons are eligible to go through our cohort-style certification, regardless of role, location, or seniority. 

Why you should become a LivePerson AI Native

Becoming “fluent” in AI doesn’t mean you need to train to become a data scientist (though the world does need more of them). It merely means you understand the fundamentals of AI and machine learning and how they manifest in your life. Here’s why that’s important:

  • Become an expert, trusted advisor – If you understand AI and machine-learning principles, you can be a critical resource for those who don’t. AI can be a bit of a mysterious buzzword. LivePerson AI Natives learn to decode it in layman’s terms and explain the impact it has on customers’ business. No longer will you need to “put a pin in that” when a question arises about how your technology works. 
  • Increase marketability as a professional –  As artificial intelligence and machine learning change how we all work, a working knowledge of AI can set you apart from the crowd professionally. Certifying as a LivePerson AI Native can demonstrate you have the chops to use AI to better your work.
  • Identify ways to be more effective and efficient in your work – Once you’re trained to realize the many ways that AI is working around us, you’re able to see where you can put it to use for you and your team. 

How to become a LivePerson AI Native

While a formal course is helpful, it’s not the only way to build your AI knowledge. Take a look at the following tips for staying on top of the technology curve:

Documentaries like The Social Dilemma bring up important AI topics to consider.
  • Immerse yourself in content – When you set out to become fluent in a language, one of the most effective methods is to pick up a newspaper in that language. AI is no different. Read an article, watch a TED talk, watch The Social Dilemma… To make it manageable, set a schedule for one piece of content a day. At LivePerson, we share a “Daily Dose”: a single article, video, or immersive podcast that touches on a new area of AI to help us all become fluent, one day at a time. 
  • Engage in discussion – It helps to talk about it! These are complicated but fascinating issues. You don’t need to be a developer to have an opinion about ethics in AI, or how AI works in your fitness app to help you train better. At LivePerson, we schedule regular discussions about AI, so all of our employees can raise questions and have conversations about AI in the news. 
  • Work for LivePerson – We think it’s critical that all LivePerson employees have the skills they need to become an AI Native. That’s why we launched the LivePerson AI Native Foundations course, a non-technical program to ensure all LivePersons have what they need to succeed in the AI world, at our company and beyond. (Check out our careers page!)

LivePerson’s mission is to make life easier for people and brands everywhere through trusted Conversational AI. The LivePerson AI Native certification is just one way we live this mission, helping every employee gain the skills needed to shape a better future.