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Customer engagement strategies that win: The transformative, cost-effective power of Conversational AI

These AI-powered customer engagement strategies have proven results — no matter what industry you’re in

LivePerson Team

September 27, 20223 minutes

omni-channel customer engagement strategies illustrated across industries, social media, and other digital channels

A solid customer engagement strategy will help you increase customer loyalty while reducing operational costs with added efficiencies. Take a look at how asynchronous messaging across multiple channels, backed by AI chatbot support, has helped brands meet customer expectations for a better experience, reaping bottom-line results:

  • 10x increase in sales conversions
  • Reduce operating costs 30%
  • Boost customer satisfaction 20%

Browse the industry-specific customer engagement examples in the infographic, or read below:

infographic outlines how different industries engage prospective and existing customers with Conversational AI

Retail customer engagement

  • Build trust and customer loyalty with digital personalization.
  • Increase sales conversions by engaging customers while they browse.
  • Watch efficiency soar as friendly customer service representatives are empowered to do more with less.
  • Open opportunities for new revenue streams with AI-driven customer data, conversational analytics, and insights.
  • Discover more Conversational AI for retail use cases here.

Healthcare customer engagement

  • Reduce operational costs by up to 50% with AI-powered chatbots handling basic inquiries.
  • Integrate with messaging channels that offer HIPAA certification and protect patient information while still offering a more convenient customer experience.
  • Maximize agent efficiency with asynchronous messaging, which enables them to manage multiple customer interactions at once
  • Discover more uses cases for a healthcare chatbot and customer engagement plan here.

Automotive customer engagement

  • Enable sales through automated messaging for every step of the customer journey
  • Unify your customer engagement strategies with full AI integration with familiar 3rd-party listing sites like Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader.
  • Reduce overhead with Conversational AI automations for service requests and virtual assistance.
  • Discover more automotive use cases here.

Cable and telco customer engagement

  • Reduce call volume, increasing customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness.
  • Design and optimize chatbots to manage up to 65% of conversations, enabling more human-driven revenue generation.
  • Increase customer retention and gain a competitive edge with personalized service and proactive support as part of your customer loyalty program.
  • Discover more telecom chatbot and engagement strategies here.

Finance customer engagement

  • Increase efficiency and reduce customer care costs by 50% with the right balance of agents and chatbots.
  • Use LivePerson’s secure form tool to enable PCI-compliant, AI-powered client engagement messaging.
  • Simplify and improve the customer experience with the automation of routine account inquiries and billing.
  • Discover more use cases for a financial services chatbot and messaging.

Travel customer engagement

  • Reduce costly overhead with chatbot automation.
  • Drive trust and customer satisfaction with proactive messaging about delays, reservations, and other common inquiries.
  • Enable more conversion across the entire traveler journey with personalized customer engagement.
  • Discover more ways to engage customers in the travel industry.

LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud® helps deliver on these strategies, putting your brand at the forefront of a new era in customer engagement. Its smart, automated intelligence gives you the power to leverage the voice and messaging channels your customers prefer — all with a single solution.