Maximize spend and satisfaction with an AI-powered customer engagement strategy

Engaging customers doesn’t need to break the bank. Existing customers, prospects, contact center agents, and your bottom line can all benefit.

LivePerson Team

September 01, 20223 minutes

piggy bank illustration of how a strong customer engagement strategy can grow savings

From the early stages of browsing and answering FAQs, to the pivotal moment of purchase, deploying an AI-powered customer engagement solution can create a seamless support experience that keeps your brand from seeing red throughout the customer journey.

Browse the infographic for 4 ways customer engagement strategies can benefit brands financially when paired with Conversational AI

infographic depicting how to improve customer engagement with AI technology, how it can grow loyal customers, and grow revenue and savings

1. Reduce operating costs 30%

A customer engagement plan that includes Conversational AI technology can lead to agent efficiencies, an important step for business cost savings:

  • Lower hold times and automate up to 50% of inbound conversations with an AI chatbot or set of bots.
  • Automate more. Find the perfect balance of human agents and AI-powered customer interactions, freeing your agents to focus on complex issues, doubling efficiency and reducing cost per conversation by as much as 50%.
  • Reduce agent attrition costs up to 70% by using messaging and automation to improve employee satisfaction and the agent experience.

2. Boost satisfaction 20%

Successful customer engagement strategies don’t just answer questions. They help build customer retention with convenience and attentiveness:

  • Go beyond customer satisfaction surveys and improve CSAT with lower wait times and greater first-touch resolution.
  • Meet customers where they are. Shift away from a digital maze of website contact forms and 800 numbers, giving them the option to reach you however they choose with consistent, asynchronous messaging.
  • Build brand loyalty by delivering a highly personalized service and customer experience at scale, empowering agents and supervisors to manage, route, and respond to interactions from a single platform.

3. Up to 10x increase in sales conversions

Another important way to measure customer engagement success is to look at its impact on sales. With AI-powered messaging, you can:

  • Guide your customers. Give them the ability to ask product questions or get help completing a purchase through messaging.
  • Win early and often. Leverage AI-driven analytics for high-quality leads and upsell opportunities. Even in the early stages of a conversational program, average order value has been reported up to 20% higher than customers who self-serve.
  • Bring on the bots. Offer 24/7 support, reduce cart abandonment, and improve sales conversion rates without adding to your agent workforce.

4. Get real-time insight into 100% of conversations

Instead of waiting to analyze customer feedback, incorporate it into the existing conversation to help improve the experience:

  • Deepen customer loyalty and promote higher conversions with predictive, intent-driven engagement.
  • Dynamically forecast cost-savings opportunities in real time — based on customer sentiment and behavioral trends — with consistent, asynchronous messaging.
  • Integrate with ease. Improve your customer engagement strategy successes with out-of-the-box integrations that let you connect contextual customer data with intent to engage customers at the right time.

Ready for a solid customer engagement strategy that embodies all these financial benefits?

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