What’s on the minds of today’s customer service leaders?

Streamline operations for better outcomes

LivePerson Team

May 02, 20222 minutes

Illustration of brains deciphering how to streamline operations

In February 2022, customer service (CX) executives of various industries, from retail to travel and more, joined a LivePerson peer exchange. The leaders shared how they’re proactively working to streamline operations in contact centers to improve both agents’ and customers’ satisfaction.

Browse the infographic below for key takeaways from these CX leaders

infographic from the peer exchange where customer service leaders share thoughts on how to streamline operations in contact centers

Takeaway #1: Streamline operations by reducing email and prioritizing messaging

  • Since emails are expensive and time-consuming, moving conversations over to Conversational AI messaging channels is priority for speedy resolutions.
  • The pandemic exacerbated the need for immediate solutions for customers today. Email connections offer slower response times than direct messaging.
  • Customers’ responses to moving away from emails and into messaging channels has sparked increased CSAT scores and shown no negatives to that disruption thus far.

Takeaway #2: Streamline operations with personalization that improves the quality of conversations

  • Customer service leaders are focused on training their teams and building digital experiences to drive personalization. Some are even building chatbots to address customers by their preferred names and pronouns.
  • Leaders also noted that they are shifting their conversational tones to mirror the language and tones from customers. If their customers are using emojis in messaging, so are agents and bots.

Takeaway #3: Streamline operations by increasing morale (and reducing turnover)

  • Successful customer service leaders are engaging more with their contact center agents to offer greater support.
  • Some leaders are incentivizing agents with prizes, weekly games, and recognition for top performers.

What’s next for customer service leaders

  • Forming teams according to skill level – In this plan, seasoned agents are earmarked to handle more complex tasks tied to revenue, while newer agents support their efforts as they better their own skill level.
  • Implementing customer engagement feedback – Leaders recognize the importance of staying on top of feedback. They plan to look at the holistic view of their customers across all channels to improve the customer experience.
  • Assess handle times, but not obsess – Leaders also plan to keep the focus on quality conversations vs. metrics, which will improve through quality experiences, after all.

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