How digital leaders are driving digital adoption among customers for greater support

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LivePerson Team

May 16, 20223 minutes

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Our recent Peer Exchange included digital brand leaders from the telecommunications, financial, and small B2B industries. We asked them about their digital adoption methods — how they’re getting customers to visit their digital channels and become more comfortable using Conversational AI to meet their needs.

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infographic showcasing tips from leaders on digital adoption process and wins

What’s working and not working in increasing digital adoption?

  • “Be ready and available to customers in the channels (SMS, WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business, Facebook Messenger, etc.) they want to be engaged in.” – Telecom company
  • “Demographics want to connect in different ways. Being available in all popular digital channels is key for reaching all customers.” – Telecom company
  • “It’s best not to be pushy in digital adoption. Offering customers the choice to communicate in their desired channel has worked for us.” – Financial company

  • “Surveys at the end of a chat have a low take rate. That’s why we are looking to create a model to measure immediate customer satisfaction.” – Financial company
  • “We are looking to do away with surveys. Instead, we want to use an AI platform that can measure customer sentiment in real time.” – Financial company

Have you found regional differences between customers regarding their successful digital adoption (specifically for using digital channels)?

  • “Not regional, but certainly generational differences.” – Financial company
  • “We do see higher penetration by younger generations with digital tools. But we’re starting to see movement to self-serve with Conversational AI across the board now.” – Financial company
  • “We’ve found that across regions, the majority of customers will not wait 5-10 minutes in a live chat window. So we are seeking the technology tools to offer additional channels of their choice to interact with for more streamlined outcomes.” – Telecom company

How do you provide consumers a 1:1 digital experience at scale?

  • “Know your buyer. Our customers either want to make voice calls or find quick solutions through our chat channel, so we make those readily available to them with live agents or messaging.” – Small B2B company
  • “We regularly measure the quality of our interactions, ensuring the customer experience was a meaningful one, and work to improve shortcomings.” – Financial company
  • “We require a combination of auditing programs across all channels and leadership buy-in to see where we’ve exceed customer experience and where we fell short.” – Telecom company

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