Turn phone calls into messaging conversations with Call-to-Message

Instead of missing calls or making your consumers wait on hold, give them the option to initiate a messaging conversation when they call you. This makes consumers happier, increases your sales and reduces costs.

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Always give consumers the option to communicate in their channel of choice

Call-to-Message gives consumers the capability to instantly switch from a phone call to a text messaging conversation by selecting an option in your IVR or automated attendant. Messaging is already the preferred method of communication for consumers in their personal lives, now they can have that same option for communicating with your business. Messaging means consumers won’t have to wait on hold to get answers to questions, schedule appointments or make transactions.

The business benefits of messaging are incredible

Increase sales

Minimize the amount of missed interactions with a potential customer and start the relationship off on the right foot by using their preferred method of communication — text messaging. 50% of US consumers receiving branded SMS texts go on to make direct purchases.

Maximize productivity & reduce costs

One employee can only handle one phone call at a time, messaging offers far greater concurrency. Layer on AI-powered chatbots to handle inquiries like scheduling appointments and answering FAQs to further increase productivity and ultimately reduce operational costs.

Stay connected

Text messaging instantly creates a continuous consumer connection and ensures that your communications are always delivered and seen by your consumers. 98% of text messages are read within 2 minutes.

4 easy steps to get started with Call-to-Message


We’ll set up your SMS number


You’ll provide 3 recordings or opt to use our default ones


We’ll configure the Call-to-Message app for your SMS number


You’ll adjust your automated attendant / IVR greeting