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LIVEPERSON Voice AI — Coming soon

Say “hello” to a better voice experience

Traditional IVR systems are frustrating, inefficient, and archaic. Drive better business outcomes with seamless, automated customer experiences across voice and messaging — powered by generative AI and large language models.

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Not all voice AI is created equal

illustration of voice ai technology leveraging artificial intelligence to mimic human speech

Increase efficiency with voice automation for the omnichannel contact center

Use large language models for automation across voice and messaging channels, creating a more natural conversational experience. Speed up time-to-value with LivePerson’s Voice AI.

AI voices aren't the end-all, this image shows a the push notification that pops up on a phone when the caller chooses to continue the conversation via messaging

Answer customer inquiries faster with call-to-messaging

Automatically route contact center calls to more efficient and less expensive digital channels, while reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction. And with LivePerson’s advanced voice technology, there’s no IVR coding required.

analytics dashboard that combines audio files (with human voice and synthetic voices) and messaging transcripts for a holistic customer view

Turn talk into action with voice analytics

Don’t just automate the conversation. Use LivePerson’s advanced speech recognition technology and Conversational Intelligence to automatically surface actionable insights in real time and make better decisions. Aggregate data across all of your voice and digital channels so you get a 360 degree view of your customers.

Use cases for LivePerson Voice AI

For shipment trackers

Order status

Deploy voice bots to assist customers with ordering products, like providing information about shipping and delivery options, as well as tracking orders.

for support seekers

Ticketing & escalations

Provide 24/7 customer support that’s both quick and efficient by integrating voice bots into your current customer experience tools, such as Zendesk.

for trust builders

Product recall

Streamline product recall messaging by using AI voice bots to ensure prompt and effective communication with customers.

for deal hunters

Pricing & quotes

Empower customers to easily understand pricing, get quotes, make changes, and configure payments — all via voice.

for savvy searchers

Provider search

Automate provider searches and recommendations with voice bots that deliver fast and accurate information.

for punctual planners

Appointment scheduling

Connect to scheduling systems and provide options for customers to schedule an appointment via voice, then receive a confirmation via messaging to transition to digital.