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Voice Solutions

Enable more effective conversations with voice analytics, AI, and integrations

Create a unified, AI-enabled system for personalized consumer engagement through superior conversational and voice analytics, advanced customer experience integration, and industry-leading Conversational AI.

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Joining forces to inspire engagement across channels

Take a holistic approach to your consumer communications. Improve CX with voice analytics, use data to create better conversations, and modernize your customer experience tools without replacing legacy systems. Together with LivePerson, VoiceBase and Tenfold are delivering a seamless way to communicate with your consumers, wherever they are.


Transform human conversations into easily interpreted data and actionable insights with our world-class voice analytics platform

Conversational AI platform with voice integration

Turning talk into action with voice analytics

VoiceBase is built on advanced speech recognition technology, industry-leading AI, and predictive models designed to help brands improve customer experience, uncover sales opportunities to improve revenue, and understand agent productivity through Conversational Analytics.

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A match made in tech heaven

Combined with Conversational Cloud®, these voice analytics give you unparalleled visibility into consumer intents, sentiments, frustrations, and successes from 100% of conversations across messaging and voice, as well as third-party voice, telephony, or contact center systems.

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Modernize customer experience tools without replacing legacy systems with our leading customer experience integration platform

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Low impact, high reward

Tenfold makes it easy for brands to transform unified communications or contact center providers without impacting day-to-day operations.

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Integrate with ease

Tenfold provides unparalleled flexibility for brands to work with any voice vendor, whether on-premise or in the cloud, and complements Conversational Cloud by improving the agent experience and increasing productivity.

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Why LivePerson

Curiously Human™ AI

Data that counts

Values that matter

Curiously Human™ AI

IQ plus EQ, nice to meet you

We power close to a billion conversational interactions a month, helping organizations drive engagements that feel Curiously Human™, not cold and robotic. Our conversational interactions offer a personalized service at scale, all through the power of AI built with intent-discovery.

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