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Brick-and-mortar bridal store turns ecomm superstar

David's Bridal selling dresses via mobile commerce

<lead-periwinkle-light>During the COVID-19 pandemic, David’s Bridal was forced to temporarily shut down retail stores and needed to act quickly to maintain business continuity for their brides and employees. They did so seamlessly by leading with Conversational AI. E-commerce revenue skyrocketed thanks to their rich messaging experience frontended with David’s Bridal’s concierge bot, Zoey.<lead-periwinkle-light>

Holly Carroll, VP of Customer Service & Contact Centers Operations, drove the program, transitioning hundreds of in-store associates and a customer-care-focused digital channel to a fully conversational bridal experience: assisting brides with product exploration, purchasing, and support, all through messaging.

“We honestly don't know how we would have survived the last couple of months without the option to message — it truly saved our business.”

— Holly Carroll, VP of Customer Service & Contact Center Operations

<centered-block>In two weeks...<centered-block>

300 sales managers trained on messaging (0 pre-COVID)

7.5X increase in messaging volume

700% increase in sales via messaging

“We figured out a way to speed up our overall vision for a conversational bridal concierge and put our customers into the best hands.”

— Holly Carroll, VP of Customer Service & Contact Center Operations

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