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Case Studies

Transamerica boosts user adoption and secures $3.2M in incremental new revenue per year with Tenfold

logo for case study on how Tenfold helped Transamerica improve user adoption

Transamerica had upgraded their CRM experience, but encountered user adoption challenges due to the change in workflow. Tenfold, now a LivePerson Company, simplified their sales and service workflows, improving the user adoption process and customer experiences.

“Tenfold has been a great partner. They are willing to collaborate and go above and beyond to help us, the customer, be successful.”

~ Jake Morey, Sr. Director of Product Mgmt, Transamerica

The challenge: Driving Salesforce user adoption rates to build a better understanding of agent performance

Transamerica’s challenge wasn’t necessarily technology — it was the way their people were interacting with their technology. Manual processes were slowing Salesforce product adoption by existing users and causing KPI reductions, including decrease in new revenue.

A major factor was that key customer data was contained in multiple legacy systems outside of Salesforce. This multi-system structure also hampered senior leaders’ ability to execute efficiently because analytics housed in silos across Avaya, Verint, and Salesforce were cumbersome and time-consuming to access.

Call recording challenges also inhibited management’s ability to understand financial advisor talk tracks and monitor adherence to best practices.

The user adoption strategy: Harmonizing data from disparate systems into a single source of truth

By leveraging Tenfold to centralize all activities and data capture into Salesforce, Transamerica was able to drive greater Salesforce user adoption and increase advisor productivity.

In addition to better data unification, Tenfold also enabled a much more streamlined engagement process with click-to-dial, screen pop, automatic task scheduling, and more via the Tenfold interface. This allows Transamerica advisors to spend more of their time engaging with customers and less time performing mundane administrative tasks.

The results: Tenfold simplified sales and service workflows, driving user adoption and improving CX

Unifying data and simplifying workflows elevated levels of customer engagement to meet the standards and promises Transamerica has held for over a century. Tenfold’s in-app analytics and Salesforce Einstein Voice Coaching integrations mean senior leaders now have full transparency into advisor performance. Call Quality Managers can now review 2 times more advisor calls each month.

The analytics show that these user adoption strategies are paying off with Tenfold’s help:

  • Each advisor now saves 32-64 minutes of outbound time per day.
  • That additional productivity equates to having 1 additional advisor for every 7 advisors on staff.
  • Best of all, that increase in productivity is showing up on the bottom line as their financial advisors now secure $3.2M in incremental new revenue per year using Tenfold.

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