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Conversational AI for EducationBuild a Conversational Campus™ for students and faculty

Empower every department to provide faster, more personalized, and more convenient service for students. AI-powered messaging and a chatbot for higher education make this transformation scalable.

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71.2% of education conversations can be automated with a chatbot for higher education

A chatbot for higher education can improve the entire experience

Drive richer engagement by messaging with students in the popular channels they already know and love. From application enrollment to student loan assistance, campus support, and curriculum management, you can automate student and faculty interactions on the most popular channels without hiring an army of agents.

More ways to transform education with Conversational AI

Engage more prospective students with Conversational Marketing

Using click-to-message ads on social platforms like Facebook can capture immediate interest and start guiding prospects to the most relevant programs.

Increase retention and registration rates

Proactive Messaging simplifies reminders about enrollment deadlines and financial aid in a format and channel where students are more likely to engage.

Drive efficiency with a chatbot for higher education

Over 71% of conversations with educational institutions can be automated. Save time with bots designed to handle the repetitive and after-hours issues, while staff members focus on more complex needs.

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Discover how to automate over 70% of conversations

Rolling out a viable Conversational AI solution can feel like a daunting task. That’s why our AI and machine-learning algorithms outlined the 20 most prevalent conversation topics that occur between students and educational institutions to help you build a scalable automated program. Download the guide to learn how and where to get started.

Products that improve connections — and conversions

Conversational Cloud

Conversational Cloud®

An AI platform that identifies student intent to drive engagement

Meet and assist new students, build a chatbot for higher education, and deliver truly authentic, intent-driven conversations at scale through our customer engagement platform.

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illustration of voice ai technology leveraging artificial intelligence to understand and mimic human speech

Voice AI

Modernize the student experience with voice and digital

Create unified, personalized student experiences driven by AI-powered conversational and voice analytics and integrative industry-leading speech recognition.

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Screenshot of report center showcasing actionable insights for contact centers

Conversational intelligence

Unlock the power of analytics

Harness the data across your conversational interfaces to drive student insights, cost savings, and growth.

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