Conversational commerce for educational institutions

Help students complete applications and answer questions directly in the messaging channels they already use every day. AI-powered bots make it easy to scale.

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Top 3 ways educational institutions use conversational commerce

Answering applicant FAQs

Supplying information about degrees, majors, applications (requirements, deadlines and statuses), online courses, fees and financial aid requirements.

Providing basic campus information

Classroom locations, dormitory policies, dining hall options, parking & transportation availability, sporting & social event details.

Streamlining student tasks

Enabling students to text with professors during office hours, retrieve class waitlist statuses, book labs/rooms/computers, renew library books and obtain financial aid forms.

The results have been incredible

3x Increase in conversions

Increase in conversions

50% Decrease in student care costs

Decrease in student care costs

95% peak in student satisfaction

Peak in student satisfaction

Bots for educational institutions

Bots can provide library, gym and laboratory hours, class registration deadlines, and financial aid applications, among many other use cases. This enables staff to manage high-value and more complex requests.

Bots for Educational Institutions

Bots handle a greater volume of conversations at a tenth of the cost

Bots handle greater volume
Bots capacity

Use our Conversational Campus guide to enhance every department and step of the student journey

Equip your departments with messaging channels and AI-powered chatbots for faster, more convenient service. This guide teaches how to use automation and proactive “nudge” campaigns to reduce costs and increase application volume, retention, satisfaction, and engagement.

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"Our students and prospects love the service. It’s the way young people are accustomed to communicating, and it is an efficient way to get a quick answer to a question."

Gemma Gibson | Straighterline
Manager of Student Support

By using proactive messaging to engage with students, Straighterline has seen incredible results:

Straighterline cost avoidance

Cost avoidance of 6-7 full‑time call center employees

Straighterline student satisfaction

Minimum student satisfaction