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Our environmental impact

Managing Our Environmental Footprint

At LivePerson, we believe that businesses are responsible for achieving good environmental practices and operating in a sustainable manner. It is our priority to encourage our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners to do the same as a duty of care toward future generations.

We use our technology and equipment to centrally deploy customer engagement solutions world-wide, making it unnecessary for our customers to purchase and manage its own equipment for these purposes, resulting in more efficiency and less waste. 

We have a formal Environmental Policy, which articulates our commitment to minimizing our ecological footprint and striving for a more sustainable world. An integral part of this commitment involves our annual compliance training, which includes modules on ESG and sustainability, further ingraining these values within our organization. Currently, we’re undertaking detailed carbon assessments to better understand and subsequently mitigate our carbon footprint.

In accordance with our Environmental Policy, we strive to assess the environmental impact of our operations and wherever possible strive to:

  • Minimize our waste and then re-use or recycle as much of it as possible;
  • Minimize energy and water usage in our buildings in order to conserve supplies;
  • Minimize our consumption of natural resources, especially where they are nonrenewable; and
  • Where possible purchase and use products and services aimed at minimizing damage to the environment and encourage others to do the same.

While our business operations do not generate hazardous waste, we are cognizant of the environmental impact such waste can have. As an embodiment of this awareness, we collaborate with a responsible IT waste recycling company for our laptop recycling program, ensuring the proper and environmentally friendly disposal of potential electronic waste.

“Remote First” Company

As a fully “remote first” company, we have been able to eliminate almost all office space and employee commutes along with the associated carbon footprint. We maintain only a small sublease in Herzliya, Israel, in a building with high efficiency energy and recycling programs and still look to reduce our environmental impacts even further.  

For the approximately 10% of employees in other locations that want to work from an office setting a few days a week, we provide access to WeWork spaces. We chose WeWork in part due to their commitment to become operationally carbon neutral, prioritization of renewable energy sources and focus on sustainable resources use. 

Data Center Operations

In managing our global data center operations, we have prioritized selection of third-party service providers that demonstrate good stewardship of the environment with a goal to reduce the impact of resources we consume through these services. Our primary partners are leaders in data center sustainability, who committed to operate on either carbon-free energy or be climate-neutral by 2030, helping us to minimize our carbon footprint and reduce our energy consumption.  Our primary third-party data center providers also include the following practices in their operations: 

  • Adaptive control systems that reduce power consumption and increase cooling capacity through active airflow management;
  • Adherence to ASHRAE thermal guidelines to reduce power for cooling;
  • Cold/hot aisle containment that lowers energy consumption and enables more efficient cooling by using physical barriers to reduce the mixing of cold air in data center supply aisles with the hot air in exhaust aisles;
  • Energy efficient lighting systems; and
  • Utilization of clean and reliable energy sources, such as fuel cells.