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A connected customer experience: It’s what people want

Survey says 87% of consumers worldwide prefer brands that connect interactions across the customer journey, from voice to messaging

LivePerson Team

June 15, 20223 minutes

illustration of robot + human hand shaking, symbolizing a connected customer experience

The past few years have seen massive growth in digital experience and engagement. From messaging on different channels to social media, consumers have shifted more and more of their interactions with brands to digital. In fact, LivePerson’s 2021 customer engagement preferences survey showed that a whopping 85% of consumers want to message with brands.

So is the traditional phone call with a human agent a thing of the past? Not quite.

New 2022 research from LivePerson shows that what consumers really want is a connected experience that gives them options. Read the infographic below to see what more than 2,500 consumers prefer when it comes to voice and messaging (click for a printable version).

infographic displaying stats about connected customer experiences from LivePerson's survey

Customer expectations: Options at their fingertips

The overwhelming majority of consumers want to be able to choose between calling and messaging customer service agents and sales reps. For them, having options on how to connect and stay connected is non-negotiable.

91% say they prefer brands offering them the choice to call or message, meaning brands that provide this flexibility have a significant opportunity to improve their bottom line.

Per the customer data, the different touchpoints for communication come in handy as people move throughout the day:

  • 80% prefer to message when commuting on public transportation
  • 69% prefer to call when commuting in a car
  • 75% prefer to message during work hours
  • 63% prefer to message on lunch breaks
  • 53% prefer to call (47% prefer to message) at home

Customer expectations: A seamless experience = no repetition

Having to repeat yourself — whether to agents or automations — remains a major source of frustration for consumers. Brands that aim to limit or prevent this will come out on top.

84% say they’ve had to repeat themselves “often” or “all the time.”

How does this affect customer loyalty? Well, almost half of survey respondents say they “hate it” and it makes them want to take their business elsewhere. So when it comes to interacting with voice or messaging bots, the No. 1 thing brands can do to make customer experiences better is to prevent customers from repeating themselves (65%), followed by helping them spend less time on calls (56%).

The bottom line: A truly connected customer experience needs to feel more human

Humans listen, adapt, and solve problems. Brands that provide connected customer experiences that feel more human will have the edge over their competition. For example, consumers say they’re more likely to do business with a brand when…

  • 88% – the brand can connect the history of their interactions
  • 87% – the brand can connect their interactions across voice and messaging
  • 82% – bots take what the brand already knows about them and can apply it to their personal situation
  • 72% – bots can understand emotion

Luckily, LivePerson has been building Curiously Human™ Conversational AI to help you meet these demands across communication channels.

Learn how we can help create better connected customer experiences through voice and messaging analytics, Conversational AI, and integrations