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Gather in-person with confidence

LivePerson’s first-generation BELLA Health™ app provides corporate COVID testing without the burden of on-site testing. We pair self-taken, authorized COVID-19 rapid tests with our proprietary BELLA Health app to boost confidence for in-person meetings, reduce viral spread at work, and facilitate corporate health and safety protocols on-the-go.

BELLA Health corporate COVID testing program
BELLA Health's corporate covid testing illustration

Corporate COVID testing helps employees return to the workplace with confidence

Ensuring peace of mind as employees return to physical spaces is paramount to employee productivity and confidence. BELLA Health’s complete program of current and verified COVID testing, health checks, and vaccination reporting helps to do just that, regardless of vaccination status.

How the BELLA Health app works

In just a few weeks, the BELLA Health app can source, deliver, and launch a corporate COVID testing solution. We built testing guidance and result reporting — all with access to live technicians — into a single app, making the process quick and easy for employees.

Easy-to-understand instructions

Video and conversation-based instructions guide users through each step. Still have questions? Get real-time answers via AI-powered messaging.


Employees can receive FDA-authorized at-home rapid tests kits as part of this program.

In-app health check

Exposure and symptom questions add an additional layer of confidence for employees returning to the office.

Configurable health passes

Results — based on the test kit, health check responses, and vaccination status — can be easily reported to the employer to manage employee health and safety.

BELLA Health covid testing guidance

AI-powered technology makes it easy to ace corporate health and safety protocols

In-app video guidance and a live proctor option decreases test user error. Tracking dashboards and reporting keep organizations abreast of employee population health, helping with corporate health and safety protocols.

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