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Conversation Orchestrator

The best next action for automated conversations

Beyond intelligent routing, Conversation Orchestrator is an AI engine that determines the right resource — bot, human, or content — to deliver the best outcome at every turn.

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How leading brands can use Conversation Orchestrator

A global bank can route VIP customers to dedicated advisors for high-touch, personalized service.

outline of airplane

Intelligent routing can help airline travelers with lost bags connect back with to the same agent until the issue is resolved.

Based on location, a telco can use bots to provide updates to customers potentially affected by a network outage.

Display how intelligent routing happens with Conversation Orchestrator

Automated, intelligent routing that personalizes customer journeys

Conversation Orchestrator’s Dynamic Routing uses intent, consumer attributions, and operational context to route conversations to the best resource. This intelligent routing is policy-based, significantly simplifying implementation.

Overview of recommended actions, which are a part of intelligent routing

Recommended actions remove agent guesswork

After intelligent routing, agents are made more efficient with recommended actions from Conversation Assist, which automatically suggests the best bots or knowledge base content to assist in a conversation. Machine learning-based suggestions improve over time, based on results.

Code using LivePerson Functions for a CRM integration.

Connect back-end systems through Functions

LivePerson Functions shortens the time to integrate CRM or other business systems for intelligent routing and conversation orchestration. This allows businesses to use LivePerson’s APIs without building and managing a separate hosting infrastructure.

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Conversational Cloud®

Start delivering truly authentic intent-driven conversations, at scale, from our powerful Conversational AI platform.

Voice AI

Death to the IVR! Automate experiences across the most costly consumer channel with LLM-powered voice bots to create more natural and efficient interactions.

Conversational Intelligence

Harness the data across your conversational interfaces to drive customer insights, cost savings, and growth.