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Generative InsightsGet qualitative insight generation in seconds

Ask open-ended insight generation questions in the LLM-based conversational interface to evaluate trends in customer usage. Simple questions can lead to profound discoveries without spending time and resources sifting through countless transcripts.

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AI-driven assistance that provides immediate business impact


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Get to the why quicker with Generative Insights

Generative Insight's conversational interface for automated insight generation using the conversational data collection

Unearth hidden insights with ease

Meet your new data detective, seamlessly uncovering critical, new insights hidden within your consumer interactions. Dig deeper into your collected data, revealing trends and patterns that could easily go unnoticed. Simplify the data discovery and insight generation process, providing you with valuable insights without the need for in-depth manual analysis.

Alert breakdown from a particular data collection, helping show how many messages come from repeat callers, escalations, and more.

Accessible analytics for everyone

Make sophisticated data analysis accessible to all levels of expertise within your organization. The conversational interface transforms complex datasets into clear, actionable trends, ensuring that every team member can generate insights for informed decision-making regardless of their technical background or domain knowledge.

insight generation dashboard, helping provide easy access to the correlations derived from collected data

Start broad, dive deep

Start your exploration in Generative Insights with broad, overarching questions about your business that lead to a pathway of deeper understanding and specific insights. Analytics Studio then allows you to quantify insights and engage in a comprehensive analysis, enriching your strategic decisions with a balance of breadth and depth.

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Insight generation use cases across industries

Increased conversion rates

Agents found that presenting the value prop BEFORE the price matters.

Decreased refund rate

After analytic models identified the most common contact was order cancellations, one fast-casual restaurant simplified online ordering.

Improved agent coaching

Managers who used conversational intelligence tools outperformed their peers who didn’t.

Decreased contact volume

Updated website based on user feedback that they couldn’t find a page.

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