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Messaging Channel IntegrationDeliver in-the-moment sales and care at scale on Instagram

The Conversational Cloud® and an Instagram chatbot makes it easy to seize the moment of discovery and supercharge ROI by providing assistance and converting sales opportunities directly in channel.

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instagram chatbot responding to consumer
81% Users rely on Instagram for purchase decisions

Engage consumers at the right time and boost loyalty

Identify and prioritize Instagram users who need help or want to make a purchase. LivePerson’s AI-powered analytics, Instagram chatbot, and other automation and messaging tools let you interact 1:1 with consumers in the moment, whether for an in-channel transaction or to resolve an inquiry.

illustration of AI brain for our omnichannel messaging platform

Scale social interactions with Conversational AI

Consumers expect rapid responses at any hour, or they’ll take their business elsewhere. Our industry-leading NLU, which outperforms competitors in accuracy, recall, and precision, offers advanced social listening and filtering to prioritize business impact. An Instagram chatbot can add scale while our agent tools enable brands to take issues into private channels to satisfy customers at lightning speed.

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Consumers expect instant gratification, LivePerson and the Instagram Messaging API make it easy

Streamline Instagram responses, from Stories to Shops

30% of the most-viewed Instagram stories come from businesses, and 1 in 5 get a direct message from viewers. Bring those DMs, tags, and comments into the Conversational Cloud to manage them alongside other messaging channels.

Browse, discuss, and purchase without leaving the app

Enhance the native shopping experience with an Instagram chatbot backed by agents, ready to answer questions and take payments. Armed with quick access to shoppers’ history, loyalty, and more, they’ll help customers convert in the moment.

Supercharge conversions with in-channel payments

Let shoppers pay with a tap — no channel switch required. Easily attribute revenue to these Instagram conversations so you know where to invest in the future.