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Case Studies

Betcris (TV Global) partners with LivePerson to train world-class Spanish NLU

The high stakes world of sports betting requires brands to quickly respond to gamblers’ needs in a secure environment. Betcris, a Latin American Sports Betting service, is focused on delivering great experiences to their consumers quickly and accurately. To accomplish this, Betcris needed a tool for intent detection, helping them to understand not only why customers are reaching out to them, but also which topics are best suited for agent support, and which can be addressed through thoughtful automation.

Partnering with LivePerson, Betcris played a crucial role in the development and launch of LivePerson’s Spanish Natural Language Understanding (NLU) machine learning. Open a printable version of their success story here, and check out some results below:

Betcris intent detection and bot results


of bots in Spanish, English, Portuguese


improved classified rate; 91% confidence score in 5 weeks


fully contained conversations

“We know that a successful company like Betcris needs innovative ideas, and to always be attentive to new technologies and digital solutions in messaging that will make the customer experience better and secure…With the help of LivePerson, we can achieve these goals.” 

~ Hazel Zúñiga G., Product Owner