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Mindvalley’s managed contact center transforms customer service

Mindvalley background for their case study on leveraging a managed contact center solution, LP 360

Looking to better align their customer care program with their mission, Mindvalley enlisted the help of LP 360, LivePerson’s enterprise managed services, to deliver a managed contact center experience as supportive as their programs.

The journey in numbers


conversations annually


response time vs. 7 days




reduction in handling time

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The Mindvalley story

Group of people surrounded by Mindvalley class options, illustrating the customer journey of personal growth

Mindvalley is the world’s most powerful life transformation platform with a global community of changemakers — including authors, speakers, activists, and more — supporting over 20 million students worldwide. Mindvalley’s mission is to create personal transformation that raises human consciousness.

“We want our customers to feel like we’re there for them whenever they need us. LivePerson makes it possible to deliver on this.”

~ Janja Živko, Head of Customer Support at Mindvalley

Challenge: Disconnected customer care

Mindvalley had over 30 customer care agents across the globe but with email-only support channels, their response time slowly grew to over 7 days at one point. Mindvalley’s Head of Customer Support, Janja Živko, knew their team was overdue for a digital transformation strategy, sharing that “our customer support team was not able to keep up with Mindvalley’s growth.”

With a fractioned team and growing customer base, it was time for a complete overhaul.

Solution: LP 360 contact center management

illustration of the enterprise managed services flywheel, showing all we cover in our contact center as a service: People, platform, and performance

Struggling to hit their customer service KPIs, Janja turned to LivePerson’s LP 360 managed services to manage their customer care program. Transitioning to a fully managed contact center solution enabled Mindvalley to elevate their customer experience and service while still reducing costs. 

The transition to LP 360 was smoother than Janja anticipated: “It was much easier than I was imagining. It was a huge project, but LivePerson took care of everything and I didn’t have to do much.” From new agents to new digital channels and new processes, there were a lot of changes coming to Mindvalley’s customer service program.

Onboarding LP 360 agents

Mindvalley offers hundreds of courses, global events, app- and web-based learning, and supports both coaches and students. Despite the large amount of information to consume, the LP 360 agents were able to get up and running in just two weeks. This was helpful because the team was able to cut down the existing backlog of thousands of customer interactions stuck in the queue. 

Finding operational synchrony

Janja said one of the biggest attributes of LP 360 is that it feels like an extension of her team. Working with the LP 360 operational lead, feedback goes both ways and adjustments can be made quickly and efficiently. These operational improvements didn’t go unnoticed by senior leaders like Alex Dogliotti, CHRO and COO at Mindvalley. The improved customer experience has allowed them to grow as a company knowing their customer service is in good hands.

“The LP 360 program is great because it has been pivotal in elevating our customer satisfaction and allowed us to expand into new and innovative product lines without the worry of handling customer service constraints.”

~ Alex Dogliotti, CHRO and COO at Mindvalley

Results and outcomes

WhatsApp message, showcasing the use of AI and digital technologies to provide guidance on choosing classes
  • Cost Savings – With a pay-per-conversation model, LP 360 manages everything on the staffing side. Mindvalley no longer has to worry about things like contact center software, headcount, HR, or payroll for agents. 
  • 24/7 Support – Instead of in-house agents limited to business hours, Mindvalley is now able to offer their global customer base 24/7 customer service. 
  • Hitting new KPIs – With LP 360 as an extension of their team, Mindvalley was able to hit new customer satisfaction goals, including a CSAT above 90% and a 30-minute response time for customer interactions (previously 7 days).

The success of LP 360 and the managed contact center has allowed Janja to start looking at new customer care and digital technology initiatives like a generative AI coach that helps members pick courses and get personalized recommendations. The more Mindvalley can make their students feel supported and understood, the more their students can flourish.

“When we implemented LP 360, everything changed. Including my role. Instead of worrying about managing people, I’m able to focus on improving operations and working on things that bring value to our customers and the company.”

~ Janja Živko, Head of Customer Support at Mindvalley

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