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On-Demand Voice AI Technology webinar

Voice AI: It’s time to hang up on IVRs

Learn how to level up your customer engagement with the latest artificial intelligence and voice technology in this free webinar.

Original Broadcast: July 11, 2023
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illustration of voice ai technology leveraging artificial intelligence to mimic human speech with more natural language

Automated voice with a human touch:
No more robotic responses. More personalized conversations.

Join our product experts to discover the impact of introducing LivePerson’s Voice AI technology suite. Nobody likes IVRs — let’s look at the new era of safe, scaleable Voice AI. Automate repetitive tasks and build a deeper understanding of your customers.

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Join the AI voice revolution to explore:

IVR deflection made easy

Harness the power of LivePerson’s Call to Messaging to seamlessly direct IVR interactions to essential messaging channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, and more, resulting in greater operational efficiency, cost savings, and better customer experiences.

Natural, personal automation with LLMs

Leverage Generative AI and large language models to elevate personalized voice conversations, driving higher containment while easily creating trustworthy AI-powered experiences using models optimized through real-time human language and brand engagement.

How to integrate and amplify existing voice experiences

Use your existing voice platform with LivePerson to seamlessly transfer conversations from voice bots to human voice agents. Our AI-generated summaries and “Conversation Assist” capabilities will maximize agent efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Meet the speakers

Lihn Tran headshot

Linh Tran

VP of Product, Voice AI, & Conversational Cloud, LivePerson

Miriam headshot

Miriam Libonati-Bitton

Senior Product Marketing Manager, LivePerson

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On-demand Voice AI Technology WEBINAR

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