The line between in-store and online experiences continues to blur.

When a customer is in a store, branch office, or retail location, and appears to need help, a salesperson will engage the customer, provide personalized assistance, and attempt to complete a sale of the highest possible value.  The salesperson will use all the information available—the types of products the customer is shopping for, are they having trouble finding a product or trying to compare products, do they appear frustrated, are they walking away from their cart and towards a door, is this a regular customer...  And based on this information, along with the expected value of the customer and transaction, the salesperson will deliver the appropriate type and level of assistance.

LivePerson enables e-commerce managers to replicate this very same process within the online sales process.  In fact, with superior intelligence, more engagement options, and with voice-of-the customer insights based on aggregate engagement results, the e-commerce manager can—in many ways—do a far better job, and do it with greater efficiency.

LivePerson has empowered over 8,500 companies to substantially increase their e-commerce results.  Clients typically realize:

  • 20% increases in online sales
  • 35% increases in average orders values through cross-sells and upsells
  • Reduced shopping cart abandonment
  • Reduced cost per acquisition
  • Increases in repeat sales

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