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Conversational AI chatbot toolsetBetter conversations start with a better AI chatbot

It’s time to stop doing the same thing and expecting different results. Hiring an army of agents just won’t cut it, but reaching your consumers is simply a must. Meet your consumers in the most popular messaging channels with an AI chatbot. But not just any bot — we’re talking conversational AI chatbots. 

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example of AI chatbot built with LivePerson's artificial intelligence chatbot platform, helping rebook a flight

More than just an AI chatbot

Design, build, manage, and optimize conversational AI chatbots — all with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Intent Manager dashboard in LivePerson's AI chatbot platform

Intent Manager

Understand what consumers really want

Learn what your consumers’ true intentions are with Intent Manager’s advanced analytics. Real-time customer data updates allow you to turn insights into actions that drive business decisions. Get crucial information on where to improve and what intents can be easily automated with our AI chatbot software.

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Configuring order status conversational AI bots without coding skills in our AI chatbot software

Conversation Builder

Easily build an AI chatbot to automate customer conversations

Create a customer service powerhouse of human agents and AI-powered chatbots that work together. You can deliver meaningful conversations and personalized experiences to your customers by harnessing the power of conversational AI. Using Conversation Builder®, you can create automated flows with no code needed.

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Integration Hub dashboard, showing how LivePerson AI-powered chatbot technology can integrate with your existing tech stack


Connect systems with a flexible bot management tool

Unify all of your key systems and data in the Conversational Cloud® giving you a 360 degree view of your consumers. Our open platform easily integrates into back-end systems like CRM, scheduling tools, order and inventory management systems, payment platforms, and telephony systems.

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Dashboard where you add a PDF to a Knowledge Base to enhance machine learning and more customized content

LLM Enhancements

Create next-level chatbot experiences using LLM

Transform your content into captivating conversations in minutes with our innovative Generative AI model. Effortlessly convert webpages, PDFs, and FAQs into interactive AI chatbot experiences that use natural human language to showcase your brand’s expertise. Say goodbye to static information, embrace dynamic interactions, and captivate your audience.

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Humans and AI chatbots work together to deliver the best customer experience

Conversational recommendations

Increase agent efficiency with Conversation Orchestrator. This tool scans agent conversations and recommends the best AI bot or content for responses, reducing the time it takes to query a response.

Bot Human Tango™

Both humans and bots can contribute to AI chat conversations. The Conversational Cloud® allows the seamless handoff from one type of agent to the other, and all can be managed in one workspace. Embrace the dance between customer service rep and conversational AI chatbot.

Agents as bot managers

Human agents make the best bot managers. With the Conversational Cloud, they can oversee the conversational chatbots throughout the customer engagement and even label misunderstood intents.

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Use cases for conversational AI chatbots

Rescheduling & cancellations

Connect to scheduling systems and provide options for customers to schedule an appointment via voice, then receive a confirmation via messaging to transition to digital.

Product recommendations

Make it easy to give your consumers what they want via a digital assistant, freeing customer service agents to handle more complex issues.

FAQs & inquiries

Easily add knowledge base content to large language models so bots can take over routine tasks with human-like conversations.

Upgrades & incentives

An AI chatbot can be part of your digital marketing tools by proactively sharing information and reminders about actions you want customers to take.

Employee support

Scale your HR team with AI bots that guide employees through onboarding, can answer questions about benefits, and more.

Incident management

Support IT service management with bots that can share incident status updates with affected parties while the team focuses on the issues at hand.

AI chatbot FAQs

An AI chatbot is the actual digital system programmed to provide automated responses. Conversational AI refers to the technology behind chatbots, making them more human-like and helpful through natural language processing and machine-learning tools.

While AI chatbots don’t replace human interactions, they do enable faster responses and scalability, helping support more customers. In contact centers, this efficiency lowers costs and boosts revenue. Pairing chatbots with conversational AI yields impressive results: up to 50% lower cost per conversation vs. voice, 15% higher first-contact resolution rates, 20% improved average order value, reduced cart abandonment, and 10x higher conversion rates.

An AI chatbot is an invaluable resource for logistics-based customer queries. They can mitigate repetitive tasks, freeing your support team to focus on more important things. Customers can receive accurate answers to complex queries without the need for human intervention, not to mention an AI chatbot will continue to learn, grow and provide personalized recommendations based on its chat history with customers.

With natural language understanding, conversational AI chatbots can grasp customer context and intent, delivering relevant answers in a chat interface across messaging apps and voice channels. Consumers tend to favor direct questions and answers over tedious website searches. AI chatbots can promptly handle simple inquiries, alleviating queues and freeing up customer service agents. After all, about 53% of respondents in a market-wide consumer study said that waiting too long for replies is the most frustrating part of interacting with businesses. Powered by artificial intelligence, swift chatbot responses save time, boost satisfaction, and empower customer service agents to focus on complex issues.

At the end of the day, customer satisfaction is paramount for a thriving business. Harnessing the power of AI chatbots opens up a whole new world of customer engagement, all without putting extra strain on your human resources. Your AI chatbot will continue to learn and grow using natural language processing, meaning its interactions and responses will only become more accurate and helpful over time. Employee retention is another key factor in helping your business succeed. By using chatbot technology, you can take some of the load off your valuable customer service reps.

An AI chatbot can provide valuable support to live agents in customer service operations. It can support employees by handling routine inquiries, providing quick responses, and offering 24/7 availability, freeing up people to focus on more complex tasks and improving customer satisfaction. Virtual agents can also pre-qualify leads, collect customer data, and seamlessly transfer complex customer queries to live agents, ensuring a smooth customer experience. They enhance scalability, offer multilingual support, and help reduce labor costs, making them a cost-effective solution.

The synergy between AI tools like bots and live agents creates a powerful customer support ecosystem. While chatbots handle repetitive tasks and provide consistent service, live agents can tackle nuanced inquiries, build stronger customer relationships, and address complex issues. This collaborative approach ensures efficient and high-quality customer service, benefiting your customers and business.

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Conversational & Generative AI

Trustworthy AI is here. Deliver omnichannel customer experiences, reduce costs, and improve resolution times with the power of state-of-the-art large language models.

Voice to Digital Solutions

Seamlessly integrate and digitize voice at every stage of your conversational customer journey for a truly omnichannel experience.

Conversational Intelligence

Harness the data across your conversational interfaces to drive customer insights, cost savings, and growth.