AI-powered Conversational Commerce

Humans and bots work together to deliver high-impact conversational experiences, allowing you to replace websites, phone calls, and apps.

LivePerson offers a suite of tools that make it easy to build, manage, and optimize brand-to-consumer interactions at scale, with Conversation Builder, Conversation Manager, Conversational Intelligence, and Maven -- the AI engine that orchestrates it all.

Human- and Automated-Intelligence
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A one-stop shop for enterprise bot-building

Conversation Builder offers an environment for building, testing, and visualizing bots, with the ability to create intents, build dialogs, and connect back-end integrations all in one place.

Easy-to-use, no-code-required interface means even non-technical resources can built and update bot scripts, accelerating the delivery and optimization of automation. Developers, business managers, and call center agents can all collaborate to build the best bots.

Conversation Builder

LivePerson's Conversation Builder

A pre-built library of industry-specific bots

Speed development by starting with a set of pre-built, industry specific bots for retail, telco and other industries.


Lead Generation

Schedule Appointments

Off Business Hours


Retail Product Promotion

Retail Product Search and Shopping


Retail Order Status

Gift Guide

Bill Pay

Telco Plan Research

Account Change

Address Change

Telco Connectivity Issues

Maven, LivePerson’s conversational engine

Patent-pending Maven is the intelligence engine that underpins LivePerson’s conversational platform. Measure consumer intent, conversation sentiment, and agent capacity to determine the next-best action for a conversation.

Brands can integrate any bot or third-party NLP into the LivePerson open conversational platform. Maven will orchestrate all conversations, whether handled by a native bot, third-party technology, human agent, or a combination of all.

Conversation Manager

LivePerson's Conversation Manager

Conversation Builder

Easily design bots using an interactive dialog builder, upload existing conversation transcripts, or select from a library of pre-built, industry-specific automations.

Conversation Builder

Conversation Manager

Transform businesses with AI-powered conversation routing and a suite of intuitive, self-service tools that improve the ability of your agents to manage digital conversations.

Conversation Manager

Conversation Intelligence

Dashboards and reporting which provide real-time, actionable insights for all conversations, regardless of channel, use case or whether they’re handled by a bot, a human or both.

Conversation Intelligence

Our customers can ask us questions, get recommendations, and make purchases in the messaging apps and voice assistants they use everyday. LivePerson’s new automation capabilities give our customers quick answers on topics like product availability while allowing our team to monitor the experience and put the finishing touches on conversations where needed.

Tamara Mellon,
Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Tamara Mellon Brand