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Case Studies

South African insurer, Legal&Tax, transforms customer experience with AI business assistant and agent tango

Tax&Legal logo for a case study on their AI business assistant experience for their whatsapp business profile

Providing seamless transitions between human agents and AI assistants improves agent efficiency by 3x

Legal&Tax wanted to create an always-on AI assistant to help clients with logging customer service requests through WhatsApp. However, they also needed to provide customers with the option to speak with human agents if they preferred. Finding a platform that could enable a seamless switch between human-to-bot and human-to-human conversations proved to be a challenge. Until they found LivePerson.

Building the right AI virtual assistant on the right channel

Legal&Tax selected the LivePerson Conversational Cloud® and scoped its automated user flow for building an AI business assistant that could help clients get professional legal, tax, and debt advice, log claims for insurance products, access ancillary services, purchase new products, and speak to a live agent if they chose. LivePerson partner, ISON, was instrumental in the go live and subsequent support when Legal&Tax launched the service in 2020.

“Legal&Tax’s implementation of WhatsApp messaging through LivePerson has transformed our customer service, providing seamless transitions between human agents and bot assistance and improving agent efficiency by 3x.”

~ Darren Cohen, General Manager at Legal&Tax
Illustrated Conversational AI chatbot helping customer service leaders respond with natural language understanding

Reaping the benefits: AI business assistant delivers 24/7 customer service & boosts efficiency by 3x

The move to LivePerson and artificial intelligence in 2020 improved customer care agent efficiency by 300%. The messaging channel has been extended to professional advisors and claims teams, is being deployed for the afterhours BPO center, and they are implementing an additional HR channel for the employee benefits business unit. Legal&Tax finds LivePerson user-friendly and continuously adapting, allowing the business to grow and improve the customer experience, like increasing customer conversions through Proactive Messaging. The company plans to further integrate the API into its system to enable end-to-end service, claims logging, and administration all through the Conversational Cloud.

“LivePerson is a key to our 24/7 customer service success, allowing clients to get help for professional legal, tax, and debt issues with ease and through the conversation medium of their choice — bot or live agent or both.”

~ Darren Cohen, General Manager at Legal&Tax

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