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Serve more citizens with fewer resources

Governments are challenged with surges in benefits inquiries while also launching programs like crisis aid, contact tracing, and health advice. Text messaging and Conversational AI in government settings can help accelerate adoption, scale interactions, and spread critical information.

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Conversational AI in government transforms how you inform and interact with citizens

Leveraging Conversational AI in government means your constituents can access quick, round-the-clock support without bogging down the phone lines. From guiding them through online file submissions, verification documents, and more, messaging and chatbots make this assistance scalable, personal, and convenient. In fact, LivePerson can help you automate many of these interactions on the most popular messaging channels without hiring an army of agents.

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Reduce call volume and provide updates at scale

Conversational AI in government use case video on benefits administration.

Benefits Administration

Reduce inbound calls, expand self-service, and deliver better overall assistance at scale.

Conversational AI in government use case on contact tracing

Contact tracing

Texting is the most immediate and visible way to reach people. Add it to your proactive outreach.

Conversational AI in government use case on health services.

Health services

Answer FAQs, collect information, and easily connect citizens to health specialists as needed.

Products that improve connections — and conversions

Conversational Cloud

Conversational Cloud®

An AI platform that identifies consumer intent to drive engagement

Meet and assist citizens through our customer engagement platform, delivering truly authentic intent-driven conversations, at scale.

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Voice Solutions

Modernize your government experience with voice and digital

Create unified, personalized experiences driven by superior voice analytics and advanced integration from industry-leading speech recognition and Conversational AI.

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Success Services

Success services

Deliver richer experiences with help from the experts

Get help from our experts in delivering your Conversational AI in government experiences, from chatbot to implementation and even fully managed contact center options.

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Why LivePerson

Curiously Human™ AI

Data that counts

Values that matter

Curiously Human™ AI

IQ, plus EQ, nice to meet you

We power close to a billion conversational interactions a month, helping organizations drive engagements that feel Curiously Human™, not cold and robotic. Our conversational interactions offer a personalized service at scale, all through the power of AI built with intent-discovery.

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