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The future of automated voice: No more IVRs, more human conversations

Give your customers the ultimate gift: No more time spent waiting on the phone, and more time spent doing what they love.

LivePerson Team

June 13, 20234 minutes

automated voice messages illustrated with a robot automated attendant

In this fast-paced digital age, the traditional call center and technical support models with their automated interactive voice response systems (IVR) and scripted conversations are rapidly becoming obsolete. Generative AI technology is revolutionizing the customer service landscape, heralding a new era characterized by modern, personalized automation and voice bot assistance, powered by advanced large language models (LLMs).

As Generative AI continues to evolve, we anticipate the coming decade will witness the dissolution of IVRs and traditional call centers, paving the way for more sophisticated customer engagement platforms.

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infographic describing how LivePerson's automated  Voice AI is an improvement over a traditional automated calling system

5 key reasons LLM-powered automated message and voice options are growing in today’s call centers

1: No more IVR mazes. More direct connections.

Long known as a frustration point for customers, IVRs often create a labyrinth of complex menus and seemingly endless wait times.

  • IVRs lead to unpleasant experiences.
  • Customers making incoming calls often feel trapped in a loop of repetitive prompts.
  • These frustrations can negatively impact customer satisfaction and retention, and ultimately, a company’s bottom line.

2: No more robotic replies. More personalized responses.

Advancements in AI technology are pioneering a revolutionary shift in customer services. Today, this technology is more accessible than ever before.

  • A voice bot powered by LLMs and proprietary customer data can enable natural and personalized conversations.
  • The ability to understand context, emotions, and intent provides customers with a human-like interaction that goes beyond a simple text-to-speech bot.
  • Automation of routine inquiries frees up human agents for more complex and value-added tasks.

3: No more boring deja vu. More engaging agent roles.

By implementing AI-powered voice bots and other voice AI technology, businesses can transform monotonous tasks into strategic problem-solving opportunities.

  • Addressing the same set of queries repeatedly during working hours can lead to agent burnout and a decline in job satisfaction.
  • AI relieves agents of repetitive tasks, enabling them to engage in more challenging and intellectually stimulating interactions.
  • This shift empowers agents to become strategic problem solvers and brand ambassadors, enhancing both job satisfaction and the quality of customer service.

4: No more analog agony. More digital harmony.

Embrace AI-driven voice bots and digital channels to cater to the communication preferences of the tech-savvy, next-generation customers.

  • Millennials and Gen Z prefer self-service options, messaging platforms, and chatbots that offer quick and convenient support and access to information.
  • Businesses can provide a more engaging and seamless customer experience by embracing these AI-driven solutions.
  • Ignoring this growing trend will compromise the long-term viability of businesses in the near future.

5: No more growing pains. More revenue gains.

Invest in cost-effective, scalable solutions with AI-powered voice bots to meet growing customer demands.

  • Operating traditional call centers is expensive due to significant investments in infrastructure, human resources, and maintenance.
  • AI-powered voice bots offer cost-effective solutions that are scalable to handle a higher volume of inquiries simultaneously.
  • With voice automation, businesses can reduce the need for extensive agent teams, saving costs and ensuring 24/7 availability for customers across different time zones.

Embrace the future of Voice AI

Advance with the tide of change by leveraging an AI-powered voice solution:

  • No more stagnation. More innovation. For forward-thinking brands looking for ways to shift resources from voice to digital channels, Voice AI helps make the call center dream a cost-effective reality.
  • No more half-measures. More holistic solutions. Voice AI can resolve the conflict between providing efficient phone support and driving customer satisfaction, enabling better business outcomes.
  • No more guesswork. More specific answers. Advanced AI algorithms can enable voice bots to engage customers in personalized, dynamic conversations that deliver results and build loyalty.
  • No more OpEx hurdles. More bottom line triumphs. By integrating the right Voice AI technology, businesses can enhance the customer experience, streamline operations, and gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving market.

Embrace the future with LivePerson Voice AI

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