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Navigating the future of brand engagement: The power of AI Labs in action

Alex Ross

March 21, 20243 minutes

In an era where digital innovation is not just an advantage but a necessity, brands across all sectors are seeking pathways to integrate emerging technologies seamlessly and safely. Central to this evolution is the strategic use of generative AI, an artificial intelligence technology reshaping brand engagement with customers and streamlining operations. Our recent webinar spotlights AI Labs, a collaboration between LivePerson and Deloitte Digital designed to uniquely support brands as they navigate this next era of AI in business.

The genesis of a strategic partnership

In a landscape filled with potential and pitfalls, the alliance between LivePerson, a pioneer in conversational AI, and Deloitte Digital, a global leader in consulting and innovation, offers brands a beacon of clarity and direction to make informed decisions. This partnership reflects a shared vision: to empower brands with the tools, insights, and frameworks necessary to navigate the generative AI revolution confidently.

AI Labs: A sandbox for AI-powered brand engagement innovation

AI Labs is a concept designed to offer businesses a secure environment to explore, test, and refine generative AI strategies. AI Labs serves as a crucible where theoretical possibilities meet practical application, allowing brands to experiment with AI’s capabilities – like how it can help improve and increase brand engagement – without the looming risk of real-world repercussions.

Leveraging the Conversational Flywheel™ within AI Labs

While our webinar focused on the groundbreaking partnership between LivePerson and Deloitte and the innovative AI Labs, it’s pivotal to contextualize this AI research initiative within LivePerson’s Conversational Flywheel. The flywheel is a holistic digital transformation framework to enhance and increase customer engagement, designed to foster a cycle of continuous improvement.

The Conversational Flywheel consists of four phases:

  • Understand: Gleaning deep insights from conversation intelligence data to better measure brand engagement and fully grasp customer preferences and behaviors.
  • Connect: Creating seamless, coherent, and personalized interactions across various channels, from calls to omnichannel messaging to social media platforms.
  • Assist: Empowering employee engagement with AI-driven contact center solutions and insights to help agents offer exceptional service.
  • Automate: Implementing smart AI and automation for routine inquiries, enabling agents to focus on complex customer needs.

By experimenting within AI Labs, brands can discover innovative ways to enrich every stage of the Flywheel, from enhancing your understanding of existing and potential customers to identifying impactful automation opportunities for a more effective brand engagement strategy. This approach demonstrates LivePerson’s and Deloitte Digital’s commitment to embedding cutting-edge AI solutions within a strategic framework that propels brands toward successful brand engagement.

Why should brands use AI Labs to test and build brand engagement?

  • Risk Mitigation: AI Labs provide a controlled environment for safe hypothesis testing and brand engagement strategy refinement, ensuring only the most effective AI solutions are deployed.
  • Customized Solutions: Tailor AI applications to your brand’s unique challenges within AI Labs, ensuring relevance and impact on the way to increasing brand loyalty.
  • Speed to Innovation: Accelerate AI initiatives by leveraging the combined expertise of LivePerson and Deloitte Digital, turning innovative ideas into actionable brand engagement strategies swiftly.

A call to action for business leaders

As digital landscapes evolve, the strategic adoption of technologies like generative AI becomes increasingly crucial. The AI Labs initiative presents an unparalleled opportunity for brands to spearhead this new era of digital brand engagement.

illustration of a generative AI "brain" for the AI Labs webinar, created by image generation tools

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