The most impactful KPIs are conversational

Benchmark and monitor marketing, sales, and customer care KPIs in real time. Optimize your operations and gauge the impact of your Conversational Cloud investment.

Capture every conversion

Quantify the top-line impact from your Conversational Cloud investment. With Conversation Analytics, it's easy to identify conversations that convert to sales along with their average order value. And for offline businesses, tracking lead conversion is seamless.

Graph displaying Conversions over Average order value

Cultivate first-class customer care

Performance Optimizer™ is an intuitive dashboard that tracks performance against internal targets and industry benchmarks, while providing actionable insights and recommendations for fast, data-driven decision making. Performance Optimizer is underpinned by LivePerson’s proprietary 4E Framework™, which helps brands gain a deep understanding of operational efficiency, effort, effectiveness, and consumer emotion to optimize conversational experiences.


Track agent Efficiency

Efficiency is determined by agent productivity and occupancy, which is a measure of hours logged into platform, number of conversations handled, and closed conversations per login hour (CCPLH) among others.

Efficiency stats


Measure conversational Effectiveness

Effectiveness is the direct measure of the fulfillment of a consumer’s intent. This is determined by average number of responses, net handle time (NHT), first contact resolution (FCR), average order value, opportunities generated, and pipeline among others.


Understand Effort

Effort is gauged by repeat contacts from a consumer for a given issue, number of transfers, and time spent to respond.

Bar graph showing the effort value


Gauge consumer Emotion

Emotion is a comprehensive measure, primarily composed of real-time trending conversation sentiment and post interaction CSAT and NPS surveys.

A conversation with an emotion score next to each message

Leverage conversational data across your entire business

The Conversational Cloud includes a number of reporting and data APIs that allow you to integrate data from conversational interactions with CRM, business intelligence, and other systems.

Functions code example for a CRM integration