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The future of connected customer conversations

Learn more about LivePerson’s new product launch

Maia Capello

May 20, 20246 minutes

Spark product launch logo for new products that will bring better connected customer conversations

Ready to build even more powerful customer relationships? 

This week, at our virtual product launch event, Spark, we’re discussing how to build more connected customer conversations. Zeroing in on the second phase of the Conversational Flywheel, Connect, this event is all about the different channels, tools, and integrations brands need to deliver truly seamless and personalized customer interactions.

Connect phase of the Conversational Flywheel, the stage that expands customer engagement to multiple channels for a seamless connected customer experience

To help our enterprise customers deliver on this connected customer experience, we’re launching a collection of new and enhanced capabilities focused on bringing voice into the digital fold and orchestrating more personalized conversations across channels with AI and human agents. Make sure you check out our virtual event to learn more about these exciting solutions for business success and hear from LivePerson experts, partners, and customers. 

Here’s a preview of what’s new at LivePerson.

Voice to digital solutions

It’s time to bring voice conversations into the digital fold. LivePerson is launching a variety of capabilities to help brands accelerate their digital transformation without replacing the voice systems customers have come to rely on. We’ve built omnichannel solutions that connect easily with your existing technology to help you take a best-of-breed approach to customer experience — resulting in seamless and personalized customer conversations across all channels.

1. New partnership: Avaya + LivePerson

Avaya, a global leader in enterprise customer experience solutions, and LivePerson have teamed up to unify voice, digital, and AI capabilities in a single omnichannel solution. This new partnership integrates LivePerson’s conversational intelligence, AI, and messaging with Avaya to unlock voice of the customer data from all channels. Measure outcomes through both real-time and post-conversation insights and make it available to the rest of the business to improve processes, inform R&D, and drive strategy. 

2. Unified Agent Workspace (coming soon)

unified agent workspace, showing the omnichannel experiences like handling voice calls alongside messaging

Integrate LivePerson with your existing voice provider (like our friends at Avaya) to manage and facilitate your voice conversations in Agent Workspace. Digitize your existing voice channels with a modern omnichannel agent interface. Now, all of your conversations are in a single unified workspace, where you can access customer conversation history across all channels. Empower your contact center agents to be their most efficient and effective selves with LivePerson’s agent-facing generative AI tools.

3. Conversation shifting

diagram of conversation shifting, making it easy to move from calls to digital channels in a connected customer journey

Help customers by seamlessly transferring the conversation to the channel of their choice via your IVR. For example, you can reduce your cost per call by shifting phone calls to less expensive messaging channels. Conversation shifting can be deployed in as little as two weeks — so you can start saving sooner.

4. New Analytics Studio voice features: Voice Capture & Omnichannel Dashboard

Voice Capture helps bring voice data into Analytics Studio, our advanced conversational analytics solution. No need to export media files or write ingestion code, our near real-time recording ingestion allows you to start analyzing your calls faster. 

Once you’ve connected your voice transcripts to our new Omnichannel Dashboard in Analytics Studio, you can start measuring the effectiveness and impact of your voice to digital strategy. Identify intents that could more efficiently be handled through messaging, understand the effectiveness of your IVR deflection, and follow the customer journey from messaging to voice to pinpoint reasons for escalation all within the new dashboard.

5. Voice AI

Fast Company recently named LivePerson as one of the 2024 most innovative companies in AI, and our Voice AI is proof of just that. LivePerson’s safe and reliable Voice AI is helping brands get customers off hold and into self-serve conversations.

Conversation orchestration

We’re making it even easier to orchestrate connected customer conversations. Conversation Orchestration helps you to drive personalized interactions and revenue growth by conducting conversations that seamlessly blend AI, humans, and data.

1. Bring your own LLM

Power a host of generative AI features across the Conversational Flywheel using the large language model (LLM) of your choice. Integrate your own LLM into LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud® from vendors like OpenAI, Google, Meta, and Cohere for enhanced control, performance, compliance, and cost-efficiency.

2. Bring your own bot

LivePerson’s out-of-the-box connectors make it easy to set up bots from IBM Watson, Google, Dialogflow, Amazon Lex, or Microsoft. Preserve your existing investments in building your own bots by orchestrating conversations alongside LivePerson’s first-party AI chatbots and human agents within a single conversation.

3. Proactive outbound messaging

Meet customers where they are across messaging channels like SMS, WhatsApp, Google RCS, and more with LivePerson’s Proactive Messaging. Integrate with your campaign management system to deliver personalized, timely messages that help drive customer loyalty and revenue.

4. CRM and CMS KnowledgeAI™ Integrations

KnowledgeAI knowledge base for better customer conversations

Connect and unify the knowledge across the CMS and CRM systems your brand uses to service customers, so you can deliver highly accurate generative AI responses. This integration helps speed up your deployment, minimize duplicate content creation, and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

5. KnowledgeAI™ agent

The KnowledgeAI agent is an advanced question-answering bot powered by LLMs to facilitate natural, contextually relevant conversations about their business. Delegate answering frequently asked questions to the KnowledgeAI agent to free up human agents to tackle more complex customer conversations.

6. Data Collection AI agent

Simplify how your brand gathers information (order number, confirmation code, etc.) from customers with our Data Collection AI agent. Streamline support and reduce form abandonment with the Data Collection AI agent by having it gather customer information prior to escalating conversations to a human agent or other bot.

7. Routing AI agent

Intelligently direct customers to the right AI or human agent or bot for their problem, whether through messaging or voice, with the Routing AI agent. This generative AI experience eliminates the confusion of complex IVR menus and avoids common errors like “Sorry, I don’t understand,” ensuring customers are directed to the correct resource every time.

Want to see these new connected customer features in action?

LivePerson virtual product launch promo, an event that will how how to boost customer loyalty with more efficient, connected communications