Google Rich Business Messaging

Provide millions of Android device users a better way to message your brand to get help, ask questions, and purchase products and services — no apps, no downloads.

Google Rich Business Messaging
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SMS reimagined with Google Rich Business Messaging

Businesses will send an estimated 2.7 trillion SMS messages by 2022. Deliver one of the richest customer experiences in messaging and enable consumers to engage your brand with powerful messaging functionality to get information, schedule appointments, and securely purchase products and services.

With Google’s Rich Business Messaging, brands can communicate with consumers directly through Messages, Android’s native messaging app, and provide a range of rich media and rich messaging capabilities.

Stay in touch with business activity alerts:

Brands can integrate CRM, billing, shipping and other back-end systems with Google Rich Business Messaging for outbound, account-based notifications.

Business activity alerts

One platform for every channel and conversation

LiveEngage is the industry’s leading conversation management platform. It offers a single place to manage inbound and outbound messages from every channel, and layers in powerful chatbots for better consumer experiences and lower operational costs.

LiveEngage connects to CRM and other back-end systems so that brands can easily manage marketing, sales, and customer care KPIs for proactive campaigns while getting a complete view of the entire consumer journey

LiveEngage Platform