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Customer Experience

Breaking Free of the Tactical Swamp with Your Customers

From our company culture to our platform, LivePerson’s mission of creating meaningful connections

Boost Small Biz Sales with Better Customer Support [VIDEO]

Last week, Infusionsoft released the latest edition of its weekly show, Ignition, starring yours truly.

More Than a Click: Welcome to the Next Generation of e-Commerce

The power balance has shifted, and consumers realize they call the shots when it comes to getting what they want from brands. Get it right, and you win their loyalty for life.

5 Ways to Get Better CSAT with ESAT

“The customer is always right.”

The phrase is so cliché that it now shapes our entire consumer experience, setting the expectation of a seamless, flawless, infallible world of near-royal treatment.

Don’t Miss the Bus for Online & Mobile Engagement: Register for LivePerson’s Webinar Today

Today's consumers are always on and expect immediate access to answers and information no matter where they are. But not all brands can deliver on this expectation. And a disappointed consumer can ensure a brand's downfall.

CX = #1 Priority for Small Businesses

Small businesses are charming. They breathe life into local economies and add color to city culture. And it’s no wonder: With a small team, it’s easy to focus on people over product.

What’s Next for Customer Experience?

Customer experience is at the forefront of brand strategies.

You’ve Reached the IRS ... Please Hold.

Happy tax day! Did you have to call the IRS this tax season? How was your experience?

10 Brands Creating Emotional Connections with Customers

You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you can’t stop laughing? Any day that I am cleaning mascara off my cheeks from tears of laughter is a good one in my book.

Not only does laughter pick up your mood—it improves your heart health, according to U.S. News Health. It’s no wonder that we instantly connect to brands that make us laugh-- I’m thinking brands like Doritos, Taco Bell, and Kmart. We also remember the brands that make us feel, for better or worse. While much of the response was negative to Nationwide’s 2015 Super Bowl commercial, it was one of the most talked about and remembered ads this year because of the emotional response it provoked.

Learn from the Legends of Digital Omotenashi

Fashion trends, beloved bands and some of our favorite TV shows fade away, only to make a comeback years later. Hence the thunderous return of high-waisted jeans, wayfarer sunglasses, the cat eye, neon jelly bracelets and Paul McCartney.


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