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Customer Experience

You’ve Reached the IRS ... Please Hold.

Happy tax day! Did you have to call the IRS this tax season? How was your experience?

10 Brands Creating Emotional Connections with Customers

You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you can’t stop laughing? Any day that I am cleaning mascara off my cheeks from tears of laughter is a good one in my book.

Not only does laughter pick up your mood—it improves your heart health, according to U.S. News Health. It’s no wonder that we instantly connect to brands that make us laugh-- I’m thinking brands like Doritos, Taco Bell, and Kmart. We also remember the brands that make us feel, for better or worse. While much of the response was negative to Nationwide’s 2015 Super Bowl commercial, it was one of the most talked about and remembered ads this year because of the emotional response it provoked.

Learn from the Legends of Digital Omotenashi

Fashion trends, beloved bands and some of our favorite TV shows fade away, only to make a comeback years later. Hence the thunderous return of high-waisted jeans, wayfarer sunglasses, the cat eye, neon jelly bracelets and Paul McCartney.

Messaging: A New Age for Customer Service

Think about how you communicate on a daily basis.  My mum texts me to see when I’m visiting her.

Bold Blackout: Taco Bell’s Crusade for 1:1 Engagement

Three days before Halloween, visitors to Taco Bell’s website and social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, were greeted with a shocking message: "The new way to Taco Bell isn't on Twitter. It's #OnlyintheApp."

In lieu of promoting its new mobile ordering and payment app, the Mexican fast-food restaurant wiped out its entire social media presence except for a single post with the hashtag #OnlyintheApp for three days. The app allows customers to conveniently pay for their orders with a credit card before they arrive to the restaurant. The social blackout is clearly a provocative call-to-action directing consumers to download Taco Bell’s app. But why did they do it and did it work?

Digital Engagement Through A New Lens: How To Keep Pace With Connected Customers

Digital Selfie Series

How many selfies have you taken this week? If you’re not a selfie-snapper, think about how many selfies you’ve seen pop up across your social feeds this week.

A New Perspective on Customer Experience: How to Use Data To Understand Customers

Digital Selfie Series

Is data your “best friend” and “loyal companion?” In a recent assessment* of marketing, sales and customer service pros, about 21% said yes.

A New Perspective on Customer Experience: Are You Missing Out on Real-Time, Real-People Engagements?

Digital Selfie Series

Customers want to engage with a live person. They’re tweeting, chatting, calling, emailing – and each expects a personal, instantaneous response.

A New Perspective on Customer Experience: The Omnichannel Learning Curve

Digital Selfie Series

There’s a commonality among businesses that are truly making it big: they have mastered the omnichannel customer experience. Look at Amazon, Google, Facebook and Burberry.


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